View Full Version : Base size of High Elf Great Eagles please?

19-06-2013, 20:43
Hi, I hate to ask sich silly questions, but my old metal great eagles 1995 era were on 40mm bases, and I have not bought the new one though it appears larger. I have bought some of the LOTR eagles and intend to mount them for fantasy, but want to know if 40mm or 50mm bases are the way to go as they are not quite as large as the Griffon. The only way to know is if somebody has bought the newer metal high elf eagle I guess. :-)

Spiney Norman
19-06-2013, 21:30
My metal great eagle came on a 50x50 base

19-06-2013, 22:04
Thank you Spiney Norman. That is what I suspected but I wanted confirmation. :-)

19-06-2013, 22:12
All of my great eagles came on 40mm so I'd say both 40mm & 50mm is cool as long as you put all your eagles on the same kind of base.

19-06-2013, 22:18
Unlike Privateer Press, Games Workshop does not explicitly state the base size of units within their army books. This could lead to modelling for advantage. For example, an old Karl Franz on his griffin was on a 50 x 50 I think, but the new plastic one is on a chariot / monster base - 50 x 100 or whatever. As you can guess, if he is flank charged it would be more adavantagous to have the smaller base, because it essentially halves the number of models that can attack him. Valkia the Bloody, from the old Warriors of Chaos book was not explicitly stated whether she was Daemon Prince or Chaos Warrior sized. Now that there is a model for her, she was intended to be 25x25, but GW really needs to explicitly state the base size within the army books.