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20-06-2013, 22:22
So I'm playing an apocalypse game in four weeks and counting. I've built myself a nice little Hierodule and its starting to look like it might actually be in a fit state to grace the table. Then Kriegschmidt says "Build a BIG one."

Nah that's a stupid idea. In four weeks?



About 45 minutes of cutting and carving and we have this. This is a bad idea. I am sure of it. See the poor little hierodule at the top of the photo? He's not enjoying being second fiddle.


Oh dear. I repeat - THIS IS A BAD IDEA!!!!

Although that appears to be bang on ten inches to the top of the (temporary) spine-funnel-vent thing. Bang on the height given by FW. Maybe it was just meant to be?

Power Hungry Monkey
21-06-2013, 11:27
Looking promising so far. If your sculpting/kit-bashing skills are up to scratch this will turn out really well. Look forward to seeing how this goes

21-06-2013, 12:59
Clearly you are insane, I will inform the proper authorities.

But only once you have finished this bad boy!

21-06-2013, 20:10
Well the comment from the wife was "what the hell are you building now? It's really freaking me out."

Whether or not I finish no longer matters.



Small progress for tonight , just some strengthening of the front limbs. With a bit of luck this should be light enough to stand on its own, then I can magnetise all the limbs for ease of transport. I do love me some magnets.

I'm afraid we won't be going for major detail on this one, functional for now and then some better detailing for its second outing - plenty of time between apocalypse games - so don't expect miracles.


Here's a close up of the little brother as well. He should be easier to finish at least. He's also full of magnets poor fella, he's just had his dental work done and he's waiting for glue to set before they're neatened up with a bit of green stuff.

23-06-2013, 20:51
Armour plates mostly done, tail added.


It's name is now "Mister Skinny Legs"

24-06-2013, 03:50
It's name is now "Mister Skinny Legs"


Theyre both brilliant looking. I may hunt you down to steal your brain.

24-06-2013, 22:09
Finished the armour


Just need to decide whether to do the ribs. Probably just going to leave them for now in the interest of speed - and until we have seen what apocalypse v2 does to him. Still going to look plenty evil and I can always add details to him if I finish everything else early.


Assembled shot as well with carnifex and marine for scale. Tried him without the support rod and I'm still fairly confident of the free standing option, but I think I'll still be backing it up with a removable support. At any rate it's not going to happen until he has his legs properly magnetised.

26-06-2013, 22:21
Well I've had to give up on making him freestanding. I still maintain it could be done, I just don't have the time to position the legs right.


For anyone hoping for greater detail I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed - I've got two and a half weeks to go and I still need to paint a bunch of stuff as well as my gargantuan creatures, so I'm going to neaten up some of the bigger blemishes and start work on the head and guns. I'll (hopefully) get away with messy details, but a head and weaponry is kind of essential.


Here's a close up of the magnets in case anyone is interested - I've drilled right through the body and inserted two whole geomag magnets so the join is pretty strong. Not something you want to try on the 230 quid version! Whereas this cost me... Actually I haven't bought ANYTHING specific to this project, it's all stuff I had lying round the house. Cool.

Oops! Edited for awesome - he stands!


It's not exactly stable (certainly wouldn't want to game with it like that) but suck on that laws of physics.

28-06-2013, 18:10
Nice so far. I did not read everything but if stability is a problem couldnīt you just add two legs? He is a fast evolving Tyranid after all ;-)

28-06-2013, 20:00
that hierophant is looking amazing, loving it so far!

28-06-2013, 22:55
Thanks guys.

Not sure about extra legs - going to have to compromise a lot to get this done, so I would like to stick to the traditional shape for now instead of trying to get creative. That being said:


I'm going to use the opportunity to use some of the 'fex heads that I like but can't find an excuse to use. I'm afraid his arms are a bit lacklustre by comparison at the moment...


I might just use some spare warrior sized cannons to finish them off for now and then make some better ones in the future. Yay for magnets! To make up for skimping on Mr Skinny-Legs I'm going to give George (because he's a dinosaur) some new style scything talons to make him blend in better:


He just needs a good push now and he'll be done, which is good as he will need a lick of paint soon!

03-07-2013, 21:24
Must... Stay... Focused..

Must... Complete... Evil... Spider... Thing...


At least George is finished.


A lick of paint and he'll be good to start eating tanks.

06-07-2013, 10:18
You are quite mad but I think this is brilliant- the hierodule looks great! Really impressive- you HAVE to get his big brother finished though or the little fella will feel lonely..
Looking forward to seeing some paint of these..

13-07-2013, 06:23
Apologies for the lack of updates, but I've been busy. I have managed to get him game-ready though


And get the horde finished


13-07-2013, 08:46
Looks great! Is it still freaking your wife out? :D
That is a really nice horde - one query - have you painted the bases grey? I think modelled bases would really set the whole thing off. Looks realy impressive and your constructs really add an extra level of menace.