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21-06-2013, 00:30
I have a game coming up vs an Empire player I havent ever played against Empire so I was hoping to get some feed back on this list first. I dont know what he is going to bring but I am pretty sure that I will see some demi chickens and a hell blaster. If anyone has some knowledge as to what a hell blaster can do that would be appreciated as well.

Supreme Sorceress 225
level 4 35
Sacrificial Dagger 25
Pendant 35
Lifetaker 30

Total - 350

Cauldron of Blood 200

Master on coldone 100
full mundane (COK gear+cloak) 14
BSB/Hydra Banner 100

Total - 414

10 Cold one Knights 270
Full command 40
Banner of Hag Grief (ASF) 35

8 Shades w/ AHW 136

Total - 481

14 Repeaters w/ shields and music 159

14 Repeaters w/ shields and music 159

21 Warriors w/ music and standard 135
standard of discipline 15

5 Dark riders 85

Total - 553

Grand Total - 1798

Any feed back on the list or tactical advise would be awesome thanks.
I really dont want to lose. :p

21-06-2013, 01:07
Forgot to mention he may also field a steam tank.

21-06-2013, 01:36
Need a musician with your Dark riders. I would probably take from your xbowmen and add another dark rider unit. Use the dark riders to give your cold ones cover and to possibly take out the war machines. A hydra is huge vs empire if you get him into the halberds you might run through the entire unit. At 1800 the coldone bus strat really isnt the best strat for DE imo. Pretty much if the steam tank or the demis into you and you do not get the charge your hosed. I would give the Master a 2 handed sword and the unit champion of the coldones the Crimson death. This way even if you get charged you can still pump out a decent amount of str 6 attacks. Either way it is an all your eggs in one basket strat if he gets a lucky charge with the either mentioned above, he brings metal or you fail a stupid test. I know your 10 rerollable but it does happen. You will lose the game most likely.

21-06-2013, 01:49
I was thinking about running another dark rider unit to keep my coldones from getting charged I might do that. The hydra I am a little afraid will get killed by a cannon a little too easy. The one thing I am positive he will bring is the demis if he brings the S tank or hell blaster he probably wont take the other. Another question I have is why to take music with the dark riders when they get free reforms from fast cal rule. Just because if the +1 to rally?

21-06-2013, 17:27
Yes odds are your fast calv is not going to be in generals range so rallying on a 9 instead of an 8 is huge. Also I believe you need a musician to reform but being fast calv it is free. I am not sure about this though since i always put a muso in there. You can protect your hydra with your Cauldron so the cannons need to get through the cauldron(cannons need a 4 to wound and then you have a 4 ward with 4 wounds) to hit the hydra. Even without protecting it it is better them shooting at your hydra and not shooting at your 10 cold ones.