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21-06-2013, 01:30
Here's my 2500 pts comp list. I know I could have taken Alarielle and made a more optimal Death Star, but I doing this with no named characters.

Lords: 530 pts

Archmage (goes in white lions)
+Lvl4 (High Magic)
+Book of Hoeth
+Talisman of Preservation

Anointed of Asuryan (goes in the white lions)

Heroes: 305 pts

+shield, heavy armour, lions cloak
+great eagle
+star lance, golden crown of atrazar

Mage lvl 1 (lore of heavens)
+dispel scroll
+Khaines ring of fury

Core: 711 pts

24x Spearmen (lvl 1 mage goes here)

25x Spearmen

5x Silverhelms

5x Silverhelms

Special: 504 pts

28x White Lions of Chrace

5x shadow warriors

Rare: 450 pts

Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower

Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower

Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower

Frostheart Phoenix

Grand Total = 2500 pts

Idea is to have the Silverhelms line up on one flank, Eagle and Phoenix directly behind them. Adjacent is the two spearmen followed by the White Lions. Behind is the bolt throwers. And finally placing the shadows warriors right up next to the enemy war machines that will more than likely by now have been placed on the opposite table edge as my fast units. Use the shadow warriors, birdies and spells for movement to hop on the enemies shooties and then close ranks and rip some CC.


21-06-2013, 12:34
what the plan for dealing with chaff? with only the bolt throwers as shooting your going to have to waste their shooting phase on dealing with chaff i would try put some archers or sea guard in for abit more range. may just be me but i like some range to pick off what i can befor combat.

21-06-2013, 14:36
I'm pretty much okay with having to use a repeater shot or two on chaff... Failing that there is always Silverhelms to deal with that, behind them I've got some very mobile options in the Phoenix and the Noble on the Eagle, and ofcourse the shadow warriors can always subsititute there role where most needed. Admittedly the gunline army with lots of redirects and chaffs, that also contains 3 or 4 blocks of S 4 T 4 units is gonna be one of the harder goes for me... but then if you think about it that list is pretty expensive itself and my magic will most likely have a pretty easy time helping out there.

21-06-2013, 14:43
Whats the point of the Gem of Sunfire? I don't see how your noble is getting flaming attacks.

21-06-2013, 14:48
Ah, he is not... misunderstood the rule to mean it grants flamming attacks as well... will have to correct that by replacing with the Star Lance. even 2500 points now which I think I might like even better - Good catch Salt. Would like to get some flamming attacks in the list if I could, but not really wanting to drop anything at the moment.

21-06-2013, 15:13
What's your intended role for the L1 Heavens mage? Don't see Heavens get a lot of love in the current edition.

21-06-2013, 16:13
Yeah I agree, Heavens appears to be a very under utilized lore and I can see why with most armies. However, there are few reasons which swayed me towards Heavens for this list.

1. It's relatively cheap. With me throwing most my dice into the High Magics + Khaines Ring, I want a lore thats not gonna cost too many dice to get a spell off. The lvl 1 mage has a decent chance of rolling an effective spell that he will actually get a chance to get off.

2. Most games I will probably just opt to take the signature spell, which in the Heavens case is particularly good value for High Elves armies. I've got decent weapon skill and ASF. What a great effect to be able to make enemy units hit (most cases) on 5+'s. With the High Magic's ability to help propel my units to get the charges, add in the ASF and combats look pretty good for winning. What better than to also reduce the enemies leadership by 1 and get that extra edge on the break test.

Forgetting the CC side of the sig spell, it's also great for reducing the effectiveness of shooty armies.

3. Lore of Shadows is neck and neck with Heavens for me. With Shadows there are 3 spells that would be effective as well as economical. Where as just about every spell in Heavens you can make a case is effective and economical (Chain lighting is getting a bit pricey but can be really useful against MSU armies and in that case is economical to throw 5 dice at casting it).

The comet would be especially useful for directing the enemy, or even better smashing up warmachines and back field protected targets.

Ultimately Heavens just gives me more options for dealing with more armies. Shadow is really specific for the CC side of things with this army.