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25-06-2013, 10:12
I was playing against a Dark Elf army the other day and was playing the scenario "Heroic Last Stand". Brief explanation is i get one third of my opponents army and i start on a hill on the middle of the board. I am allowed to put a coloured banner in the middle and al units of mine within 6' are unbreakable. If the enemy come into contact with it, it is destroyed. I am allowed any kind of units, no 25% rules. If i destroy one of the opponents units then it returns from the table edge it started on but if it had a character in it they do not return. If he kills me within 1-2 turns then it is a crushing defeat for me. 3-4 and it is a narrow defeat for me, 5-6 is a draw and 7-8 is my victory. I won this battle but it wasn't very hard.

Army list:
19 speamen
captain, banner, musician

20 swordsmen
captain, shields

3 demigryphs
inner circle, halberds, barding, magical standard

9 crossbows

captain of the empire
greatsword (in spearmen unit), meteoric armour

Captain of the empire
hammer and pistol (in crossbow unit), meteoric armour

Master engineer
hochland longrifle

this is what I used against a 1500 point army of Dark Elves and i won but i was wondering if there are any better units i can add or different ways i can reform my army to make it more effective. I have all the money so any ideas are welcome.

Asuryan's Spear
25-06-2013, 11:00
Can't take multiple meteoric iron but silvered steel would do just as well. HTL is pretty useless when unbreakable so I'd personally drop the captains for a warrior priest and maybe a Hellblaster if you could wrangle the points...maybe a cannon instead and drop the crossbows as 9 more often than not do nothing and just take up valuable points

25-06-2013, 11:10
the reason i had the captains is because the person i was playing had two sorcerers and i needed to get them into combat. I agree though and i will drop one and replace it with a wizard. the dropping of the crossbows is debatable because they took out a 10 man unit of corsairs and a 5 man unit of cold ones which i pretty handy, but i will definitely take some artillery next time i play this scenario, which as a matter of fact is the best scenario i have ever played. The warrior priest is a maybe, it just depends on how many points i am allowed but if i am allowed 750 points i will use one of them and another unti or a steam tank :)