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26-06-2013, 01:29
Hey so I'm going to try out a very different list then my normal ones, mainly because I want to see the expreasions of my opponents. So here we go.

Daemon prince, mok, charmed shield...250

Daemon prince, mok, dragon bane gem...250

5 khorne forsaken...105

5 khorne forsaken...105

Chariot of khorne

Chariot of khorne

5 hounds

5 hounds

5 hounds.



3 skullcrushers with standard

3 skullcrushers with enscrolled weapons.

Should come out to about 2k. Very far from a normal list of mine. I know I lack magic, and a big block. But, the entire army is fast and hits extremely hard, making it tough on opponent to concentrate on all the mayhem.

26-06-2013, 07:51
Don't think its gonna work. To few models on the table. And the Magic is going to be to much loss.
A friend of mine had a great idea to make level 1 sorcerer on horse with dispell scroll, 1 big block of skullcrushers, 5 chariots and the rest in 1 big block of Knights.
Turn 1: move across the battlefield, dispell any spell.
Turn 2: Impact and crush anything there is.

Your idea is kinda the same but way to weak. I don't see the 5 forsaken do anything usefull and your juggernauts are to weak if only three.
I'd say skip the forsaken for warriors
Skip the prince -> Sorcerer lord
skip the other prince -> hero on juggernaut
i think 3 units of dogs is to much. also skip 1 skullcrusher -> so make a block of 5 skullcrushers + hero on jugger.
Chimera is good, but i don't know if 2 are worth it in 2000.

26-06-2013, 13:01
I play pretty much the same, and i also handicap the list when playing against friends using a khorne DP (2 at 2500) because that gives most of my friendly games to allow the magic phase the fair fight so it doesn't snowball into stupid territory that a DP full kitted can cause, and well, because i love khorne, have been playing it for too many years to not try it out once in a while.

Remove the forsakens for more chariots. Not because of the damage, not because of speed, but because of toughness. You want as much of your army with high T or high armor save. Chariots have both and a fairly cheap price with mark of khorne (i would dare to say they are undercosted).
Chimaeras i always go with flame then regen. Flame is just too good to pass on specially when you are playing this kind of list.
I also get it on DP's too, but no flying. As i said, i play khorne as a fluffy yet decent list. I would only play 1 DP at 2000 points.
Skullcrushers i go with 1 big unit of 6 with cavalry spears instead. You can go with 2 of 3's, but i prefer to have one unit that can go toe to toe against pretty much anything if i want to. But up to you.

A 2000 point list should be around 1 daemon prince, 3 chariots, 2 chimeraes, 1/2 units of skullcrushers, chaff/redirectors.

I prefer barbarians than hounds, just because they are more versatile, but really, up to you.

You will have bad match ups, but it's fun, decent enough and fluffy.

26-06-2013, 15:18
I wont say that this will not work!Yet the above brothers wisdom rings true,maybe look at more protection for your D.P"s yet with points given i do not think this is viable! I would not worry about anti magic the variety of threats and next to no infantry make this list hard to pin.For this reason the list does lack body,if you can kill the enemy wizard fast,take out the smaller units and make a D.P,chariot and Chimera sandwich on the steadfast units,it is quite viable.

26-06-2013, 19:32
And you need more than 3 chariots, because 25% needs to be Core.

26-06-2013, 20:24
One tooled out daemon Prince is better than 2 stock daemon princes with nothing. Theres a reason no one took them last edition, it's because they had no access to 1+ armour saves and actually useful daemonic gifts.

I would invest in some actual warrior units too, rather than 5 forsaken, or just go all chariots. 5 forsaken will literally do nothing, its not 40K where they can sit on an objective either.

26-06-2013, 23:07
Ok I hear what everyone is saying. I typically run a kitted out DP and festus when I play. I designed this list as more of a fun play list, and I was aiming towards not taking the same stuff over and over. The only thing in the list that I don't normally use I the chariots. I'm going to disagree with the comment that the forsaken are not good. They are cheaper, faster and stronger in a group of 5 then a chariot. People will either overlook them, or actually waste time with them, giving something else a chance to hurt them.

I went with two dragon princes at stock because why not. I have 4 Terror causing beasts, all that hit hard. I took two seperate crusher units because 3 alone is enought to kill most things. The chariots are there to add more pop. The hounds are there to war machine hunt and take fire.

Ok so I played two games, one against Dark elves and one against lizard man, and finished with a win against DE, and a draw against Lizzies. So I would say that this list, no matter how unorthodox, still did all right. I'll try it out again against empire and dwarves next time.

27-06-2013, 10:17
You mistaken me, i didn't say they are not good, i said they don't fit in the current list you are trying to do and doesn't help your target saturation which is very important in this kind of list.

28-06-2013, 19:13
I would suggest a BSB with all the frenzy checks, maybe on a jugg with the one of the skullcrusher units?

28-06-2013, 23:18
I did think about that. I was considering dropping a chimera to add a bsb on a chariot