View Full Version : Current/Previous Games Workshop Staff on Twitter or Facebook

26-06-2013, 18:36
Hi folks,

Does anyone know which GW staff (both current staff and those from the good old days) are on Facebook or Twitter? I've found Rick Priestly and Andy Chambers as well as a few others on FB, but they seem few and far between on Twitter. Anyone got a list of those on either site?


jack da greenskin
27-06-2013, 05:11
Cavatore is on there. Facebook that is - Twitter doesnt seem to have taken hold of the GW/UK community in the same way it has to the non-gw/US community. Mantic do a lot of twitter though,

28-06-2013, 22:29
I have a fair few on my FB (studio staff and current and former "other ranks" from around the country). Not really sure why you would want to add them as friends on FB if you don't know them though.
As for Twitter, it could be because it is pretty rubbish. It is great if you want to promote yourself or a business but for day to day keeping up with friends and people you know FB is so much better.....well the lesser of two evils.