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Grand Warlord
31-05-2006, 14:49
Aboard his flagship, Left Hand of the Emperor, Inquisitor Lord Andrew of the Ordo Hereticus sat in his office, waiting for his team to arrive. It had taken sometime to acquire these people and he hoped they paid off in the end. Opening up the top of a stack of files Andrew started to read up on his newest soldiers.

"Admiral Talone, this is Inquisitor Andrew, please halt the fleet here and begin any necessary repairs. I am going to hold here until my new team arrives and then we can continue on."

"Yes m'lord, understood."

Andrew smiled, he had been with this fleet for over 10 years and they still served him without a seconds thought. As the fleet began to slow for repairs the Admirals face appeared on a hologlobe again.

"M'lord we have incoming ships, they appear to be your new team."

"Send out fighter escort just to make sure otherwise allow them to enter unobstructed ... and sernd orders to my captains to begin training the Black Guard ... we will probably be heading out sooner than expected."

"Yes M'lord Talone out."

Moving back to the files he ordered a servitor collect all his gear and bring it to his room. He continued to read until the team arrived. He could hear the thrusters fire as the valkeryes launched to escort the ships back in.

GM: Ok let's begin. Everyone will arrive together for the most part but if you want to arrive solo thats fine. Good luck and Happy hunting.

31-05-2006, 15:17
“Respectability. The key to smooth operations.”

Jakken Skartha sighed, and clicked the last piece of the Bolter’s assembly into place. The small troop shuttle was dimly lit, faded aquilas embossing the steel-grey walls of the hull’s interior. He slung the weapon over his back, checking the pair of Laspistols at his belt.

The shuttle veered slightly to port as a flight of small Imperial craft moved into formation alongside it, guiding it into the titanic warship’s cavernous hangar. Jakken had spent plenty of time over the last few years in and around such vessels in the employ of Inquisitor Trask, but he could never quite get used to the scale on which the Imperial Navy worked.

With a hissing of landing jets, the shuttle came to a standstill, a faint judder running through the small craft. Jakken brushed a gloved hand across his shaven jaw - something he only did when he felt the need to impress. Soon, he was sure, he would be back to his usual, rugged self. He proceeded to the loading ramp and hopped down, his boots clattering on the metal decking of the hangar. The bay was a bustle of activity, several other shuttles settling down, hot steam and the screeching of the vessels’ bellies and landing gear coming to rest.

“Welcome to the Emperor’s Left Hand, sir.” An officer snapped a quick salute, something Jakken wasn’t really used to. “I assume you are part of the Lord Inquisitor’s delegation?”

“Yes, yes I am. Please take me to him.” Jakken was careful, even now, to give an impression of respectability, pronouncing his words carefully.

“Follow me, sir.” The officer turned smartly and set off towards one of the entrances to the hangar, Jakken having to walk swiftly to keep up with the man’s militaristic march.

Several minutes later, they arrived. “The Lord Inquisitor is expecting you, sir. Good luck.” The officer snapped to attention, and marched smartly away.

Good luck? The man’s choice of phrase did not exactly fill the hired gunslinger with confidence. He stroked his jaw again, reaching up to straighten the bandana that restrained his hair. He cleared his throat, made the sign of the aquila across his chest, and strode in to the Inquisitor’s office.

Scarab Swarm
31-05-2006, 21:43
Already inside the hanger was a small Inquisitorial shuttle, about to unload its cargo. An Inquisitor, along with four sanctioned psykers marched out of the ramp, followed by a couple of servitors bringing down a metallic chamber with a window on one side. Right on top of said window was the label "DCIV". The Inquisitor seems to be from the Ordo Malleus, but it was strange to see such a young Inquisitor in the mix. He looked barely twenty years old.

A fleet officer quickly ran up to meet him, but the officer's questions were answered before it could leave his mouth.

"I am Inquisitor Sirius, charged with the duty to bring Specimen 604 to Inquisitor Lord Andrew's aid. The Inquisitor Lord will know how to handle her. Your men best not disturb this chamber until he arrives. She will need time to thaw, anyway. And yes, I'm sure Inquisitor Lord Andrew will be most pleased to hear Specimen 604 had been delivered safely. No need to give us accommodations, good officer. We are departing immediately."

The officer didn't even get a chance to speak, but his attention was drawn to the chamber that stood in the middle of the hanger. What freak of nature could be store within?

"She is as much of a freak as I am, good officer," said Inquisitor Sirius, reading the officer's thoughts. "In a distant sense, she is my sister." It is at this point the officer noticed the tattoo on Sirius' right cheek. It read "DCV", or "605".

One of the psykers brought out a couple of gold-coloured boxes. They walked up to Sirius for a second, and, as if hearing a command, quickly went before the chamber and laid the boxes down. Inside one of the boxes was a tiara. In the other, was a ring.

Before the officer could ask anymore questions, the Inquisitor and his retinue had returned to their shuttle and launched back into the darkness of space.

31-05-2006, 21:55
Gray walked out of the ship at least he wasn't cramped up in a ship anymore but he was still shackled at both the feet and hands around his neck was a shock collar that either of the two black guard could activate at a moments notice.

It was enough to contain him when they captured him he took 2 arbites with him. He had no idea why they wanted him a Mutant out of all People if he even was a person. most of the Imperuim didn't think so. He just hoped that he would live a little bit longer he had heard of Mutants being Welcomed by renegades in some cases they even wanted Mutants if there "gifts" were useful.

"this way slime" One of the Black Guards pushed him with the hell gun it would be very unwise if he attempted to escape now he would't get far at all before he was shot to death or his brain fried by the shock collar.

He was pushed into a room he could tell that he stunk he didn't ntoice but everyone else in the room stayed away form him like he was a infested vermin which he more then likely had some fleas on him. It also didn't help that he had the face of a man but the body of a 12 year old girl. oh well at least he didn;t have to deal with all the stupid hormone crap that others had.

"well I wonder what Im here for" Gray finally spoke up.

"You'll know soon enough Mutie" said one of the Blackguards.

31-05-2006, 23:57
In the darkness of the corridor outside the Inquisitors chambers, a shadow shifted. The darkness grew, the shade thickened, almost gaining texture and corporeality. The darkness peeled back and a hooded figure clad in a deep red cloak emerged from the darkness. The shadows coiled and coalsced, filling the gap left by her passing before receding back into their normal state. Though a careful observer would notice a slight abnormality, as if such a thing were possible, the shadows seemed more alert, attentive. Awaiting their masters call. The young officer who had led the slightly nervous looking Mercenary to the chamber turned in surprise just as she strode through the doors behind him.

Niko had arrived an hour ago aboard a nondescript shuttle, but had spent the time since her arrival stretching her muscles and her abilities after being cramped aboard the small ship for the trip.

01-06-2006, 00:06
Logan's shuttle docked shortly after the mutant's. It was a fine luxury being flown to meet ones master after another sucessful mission. He hadn't been working for Andrew long, but already Logan's skills were showing him to be a promising new recruit to the team. He chuckled slightly to himself as he thought of the potential fun he was about to have being a member of an Inquisitional strike force led by his master.

After the shuttle had docked safely, Logan unstrapped himself and stretched out like some sort of feline before trotting down the boarding ramp. Anyone witnessing his disembarkation would have mistaken him for an Eversor assassin if they didn't know any better. His mesh armour body suit black enough to disallow light from escaping its surface. The skull mask was the worse part though, it's sadidstic grin making you pray it wasn't the last thing you saw.

His breathing didn't hiss out of the mask despite the breathing apparatus built into the mask and as he moved there was no sound. No tread of mesh covered feet on steel. No swish of arms swaying gracefully. Nothing. It was like he wasn't really there. The black gurads who saw him disembark knew who he was. They also knew what it felt like to be around him. Unpleasant. Such is the way of a Pariah. To be unpleasant to be around. Unliked. Unloved.

Logan glided out of the docking bay and headed for lord Andrew's office. He was looking forward to hearing what this was all about and if he had not been wearing his mask, people would see the same sadistic grin mirrored on his dark visage.

01-06-2006, 00:35
Arlan took his time leaving the shuttle, the one who looked like an Eversor gave him the creeps, and Arlan didn't want to follow too close behind him. Slowly he rose to his feet, and marched out of the shuttle. He enjoyed not needing to be silent, and took advantage of being on a ship where all the important people already knew he was here.
Before long he was striding into Lord Andrew's office. He bowed slightly, "at your service, Lord Inquisitor."

General Samuel of the 101
01-06-2006, 01:00
at the door of the AdMech Ship a Powerful and broading image appeared
Blessings of the Omniisiah be to all-spoke the grim techpriest
Inquisitor,this machine god servant is at your feet-
and ezekiel streched a hand to the Inquisitor

Grand Warlord
04-06-2006, 13:14
The team members were taken to Andrews room where he greeted each with a handshake and a folder with mission details. Each team member sat down and began looking over the materials that had been handed to them.

"Welcome aboard the Left Hand of the Emperor I hope you fine the stay enjoyable enough. Let's begin this mission is most dire."

Pressing a button on his desk a hologlobe kicked into life showing a picture of a star system.

"This is the Griffin System. We are currently en route to this system, in particular the 5th planet in the system."

Pressing another button the 5th planet in the picture enlarged "GRIFFIN IV" forming under the picture, the planet was as yet largely uncolonized but there were a few booming cities.

"Upon initial attempts to begin mining on the planet, the Tech-Adept assigned to this task, a Bure Motr, appeared to discover an object of very old age. It is reported that the Tech-Adept attemped to study the object further and somehow in the process became mad and started executing the colonizing miners in the surrounding areas."

The image of Tech-Adept Bure Motr appeared next to the planet he seemed young but with the bionics that a Tech Servant was known to have who could guess his real age. Various green triangles appeared on the planet in close range to each other.

"These are the mines. It will be our secondary objective to obtain the Device at all costs and to capture or destroy any and all heretic forces associated with the Crazed Tech-Adept."

A single red traingle appeared in the middle of all the green triangles.

"Our primary objective is simple. Survive arrival and establish a HQ for operations and potential reinforcements... any questions?"

04-06-2006, 15:39
"yeah I got one"

The troopers to either side of him readied there hellguns towards his head.

"why do You want me a mutant and second when do i get this shackles off me?" Gray gestured as he raised his hands

General Samuel of the 101
04-06-2006, 17:01
The Mad Tech-adept is very tragic,the machine god turned away from this one-Spoke Ezekiel,
but does that mean that my Personal Skitarrii bodyguard can come with me,inquisitor?-we need all the help we can get

Scarab Swarm
04-06-2006, 20:18
Still getting over being frozen for so long, Sarah stood quietly in the corner. Shivering slightly and rubbing her arms, she did not pay attention to the mission briefing. She did not have to. She was never called upon to fight. She was never called upon to operate machinery. She was 10 years old, after all. All she needed to do is stay close to the Inquisitor. Stay close, and follow his orders.

Though they have not arrived at the Griffin system, Sarah already has a bad feeling about it.

04-06-2006, 22:26
Jakken frowned. "Sounds routine enough - drop in, gun down everyone you don't recognise and get out again? Any idea what this 'Device' is? Sir. My Lord." he added, hastily. It had been over a year since Trask's disappearance - he wasn't used to being around anyone as 'respectable' as an Inquisitor again yet. He wondered if Lord Andrew would be as ruthless as his former master...

05-06-2006, 00:20
Logan stood at the back of the office with his arms folded. Anyone not looking at him wouldn't have known he was there. The psykers would no though, his souless presence causing them to feel intense feelings of dread and discomfort. He did wonder why Andrew recruited him for the mission if there was going to be psykers on the team. It would cause complications and he was disliked enough amongst society.

05-06-2006, 11:47
Niko fidgeted uncomfortably. She was trying hard to concentrate on the briefing, but she kept geting distracted by the stranger at the back of the room. There was something about him that just gawed away at her, and she couldn't ignore it, it was almost unbearable. She couldn't understand it, what could it possibly be about him that would cause her to feel this unbearably uncomfortable around him? Paying attention to the briefing was becoming impossible, it was taking all her willpower not to cloak herself in shadow and flee.

Scarab Swarm
05-06-2006, 11:49
Soft sobbing were suddenly heard in the corner. Crying quietly, Sarah moved along the wall opposite to Logan, making her way to one of the two boxes in front of Lord Andrew, gliding in her long red dress the whole way like a ghost in the night. She turned some dials on top of the box, and opened it quickly, revealing a golden tiara with strange markings all along the sides, and an eerie jem in the middle. Sarah hurried in trying to put the tiara on her head, tears streaming down her face, but she was unsuccessful in putting it on. Wailing, she looked up at the Inquisitor with sad puppy eyes and held the tiara in front of him.

OOC: The tiara is the first piece of jewelry that acts as a safeguard for Sarah against Warp manipulations. Before a Pariah-like creature, with the psychic void from the Warp sucking at her very essence, the tiara fully charged can give her a tad more comfort. She will have to put on her other jewelries before we all leave the ship. Inside the other box is the control ring for the Inquisitor. When wearing it, the Inquisitor keeps the tiara and other pieces constantly charged. If Sarah ever becomes unruley, the Inquisitor can in turn suck Sarah's energy out of her using the same ring, causing immense pain as punishment if needed.

Grand Warlord
10-06-2006, 14:20
Looking at Sarah he slid the Tiara on her slowly, nodding at her pain.

"A Necessary Evil for this mission. I feel it too."

Turning to the Tech-Adept.

"No, for now the only forces going onto the planet are you and the Killteam assembled here and a Vangaurd of my own Soldiers to claim and protect our base of operations. Unless there are any further questions, please head for the drop pods."

When no further questions were raised he formed the Aquillia over his chest.

"Ave' Imperator! The Emperor Protects."

GM: OK I am back and let's continue. I have a New AIM SN if you want to add me and contact me outside the site. Thanks for your patients now lets go kill some heretics shall we? Yes a battle is imminent.

10-06-2006, 14:36
Logan headed for the drop pods with but a moments hesitation and a slight titter that would not be heard over the silence chip in his skull mask. He reached a pod and hopped in before strapping himself in. He checked to make sure all his equipment was present and ready while he waited for the others to embark. He would speak only to those who spoke to him when they arrived. He doubted that anyone would. But you never know. He took out a knife and made a slit in his thumb before sucking hungrily at the wound. His eyes rolled back and he let out a sigh that no one would hear even if they were in the pod with him.

10-06-2006, 16:44
Niko walked very slowly towards the drop bay. The idea of being trapped in a confined pod with the masked stranger was making her stomach turn and her head throb. So she intended to spend as little time in it as was phyically possible.

General Samuel of the 101
10-06-2006, 17:22
Of Course,Inquisitor-Bowing to the Inquisitor Response
can you excuse for a moment,i must put my Power Armour,you see,i am no marine and is very uncomfortable to get it equipped for a very long time
"25 Minutes Later"
i am ready,For The Machine God and the Emperor of Mankind-and the Monstrous Bult of his Armour entered the Pod

10-06-2006, 22:16
Jakken raised an eyebrow as the Inquisitor retreated. Bastard didn't answer my question... He shook his head. Bloody Inquisitors. It's like talking to a glowlamp. Pointless and makes your head hurt.

The gunlsinger clattered up the small set of steps into the cramped pod, ducking his head under the low ceiling and settling himself down next to a lean, powerful-looking man in a grinning skull-mask. The appearance was somewhat disconcerting. Still, he had dealt with motlier crews than this - he thought. They couldn't be worse than the freaks Inquisitor Trask had hanging around with him, could they?

He gently raised one hand in a non-commital gesture of greeting taking in the pod's other passengers. "Hey. Jakken Skartha, by the way. Thought I'd say hello. Since we're, well. Here. Yeah." His laspistols rattled as he shifted his sitting position.

10-06-2006, 23:14
Logan turned to look at the man who had sat next to him and raised a hand with fluid grace to thumb a rune at the base of his mask. Instantly a rythimic hiss of breathing could be heard in the pod as the silence chip was deactivated. Logan then proceeded to reach up with both hands and remove the mask revealing his dark visage and bald head. His eyes picked up the low light of the pod in a strange way and he gave Jakken a strange smile revealing his freakishly long canines. "Logan Faust." He nodded to the gunslinger. "A pleasure to meet you, Jakken."

10-06-2006, 23:39
The man's dark face, now revealed, seemed to further emphasise his long, sharp teeth. He was a strange sight - a mutant? Surely to some extent? The grin did not - at this time, at least - seem predatory or aggressive, but it was enough to make the gunslinger feel uneasy.

"Yeah. You too. Logan. I'm sure." He managed to stop himself from grimacing and from staring at the man's shining white teeth.

Scarab Swarm
11-06-2006, 06:40
Feeling better now that she has completely unthawed and wearing her tiara, Sarah thanked Inquisitor Andrew and returned straight to the cryo-chamber she arrived in. Ten minutes later, locked inside the chamber, she emerged looking like an Egyptian queen, adorned with various jewelry. The sight of a little girl sparkling with bling caught the eyes of the hanger personnel as they pointed and chattered quietly among themselves about it. The general consensus in the chat was how odd-looking Sarah was. Odd-looking, but much livelier than when she first arrived.

Sarah slowly made her way to the drop pod, as Andrew instructed. The Inquisitor's power seeped from the jewelry and into her body, making her heart beat strongly and steadily. Even the horrible feeling she felt back in the briefing room was gone. An Imperial officer had to help her into the drop pod's chamber, as he asked nicely whether she was afraid of being in a tiny chamber.

"It feels like home," Sarah replied shyly.

12-06-2006, 11:04
Arlan nodded to the others present in the pod as he strapped himself in, ready for the drop.
He made sure all his knives were covered by the cloak. He wanted an ace, something the others wouldn't know about if things went badly. The he pulled up the hood on his cloak and relaxed into his surroundings. In the dim light of the drop pod he was almost invisible, only people looking for a man shape in the seat would notice him.