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29-06-2013, 21:28
Having been soundly drubbed by an Ogre army during the week I was hoping to do a bit better against a WoC player who I'd challenged a couple of weeks ago. We'd agreed on a 2000 point game which would allow me to field my Prince on Dragon. We rolled up Dawn attack which I was pretty happy with as my army was very mobile and I could redeploy if I needed to. WoC didn't have any magic users at all while all I had my level 2 Mage with Lore of Beasts. I rolled up Pann's Pelt and Curse of Anraheir then swapped Pelt for Wildform.

I won the roll off and decided to allow him to set up first. Our deployment rolling was a bit weird. He ended up with almost everything in the center while most of my stuff ended up on my flanks.

I'm not really sure what he had on his characters as we didn't swap lists at the end.

High Elves -

Prince + Dragon + Dragon armour of Caledor and great weapon

Noble + Griffon (swiftsense) + Enchanted shield, Dragon armour and lance
Mage + Barded Steed + extra level

10 Silver Helms + FC and shields
10 Silver Helms + FC and shields
5 Ellyrian Reavers (bows) + musician

10 Shadow Warriors

Frostheart Phoenix

Warriors of Chaos -

Chaos Lord + Juggernaut

BSB + Mark of Nurgle

19 Chaos Warriors + FC
Chariot + Mark of Nurgle
5 Hounds
5 Hounds

3 Dragon Ogres

3 Skullcrushers

When we'd finnished deploying, vanguarding and scouting the board looked like this...


I'd learnt my lesson from the last game so we went over the terrain once deployment had finnished. It was agreed that the big pile of rocks between the Skullcrushers and the Silver Helms was impassable and that we were not going to use weird terrain.

I then threw a 6 to take the first turn.

29-06-2013, 22:08
High Elf Turn One -


The Noble on Griffon declare a charge on Hounds 2. The hounds elect to flee and easily get away. The Griffon moves forward a few inches due to the failed charge. The Phoenix moves forward a few inches as well. The Dragon flies up to take cover behind the giant rock pile. Silver Helms 1 and the Mage advance though the village while Eagle 1 swoops forward within sight and charge range of the Skullcrushers.

Magic results in a 6 and a 1. I throw 6 dice into Curse of Anraheir on the Skullcrushers. I roll an IF which results in the Mage taking a strenth 6 hit where upon my opponant throws a 1 to wound so he's fine. I also lose the last power dice from my pool.

I the shooting phase my Ellyrian Reavers manage to kill a dog from Hounds 2. The Shadow Warriors direct their shooting into Hounds 1 and manage to kill 3 of them (they pass their panic check). I have a think and then decide to put my Dragon's breath weapon on to them as well which takes off the other two models.

No combat so on to WoC turn one.

WoC Turn One -


Chimera decares a charge onto Eagle 1 who flee's and gets away. The Eagle only runs a short way and ends up just in front of the Shadow Warriors who are hiding in the wood. The Skullcrushers restrain from charging the departing Eagle and decide on a steady advance so as not to take any dangerous terrain rolls thanks to the Curse. The Hellcannon passes it's leadership check and prepares to fire. Hound unit 2 rallies on the generals leadership. On the right the Dragon Ogres march forward towards the distant High Elf lines.

No magic.

In the shooting phase the Hellcannon drops a shot directly on the Dragon. Unfortunatly a misfire is rolled and the cannon devoures it's entire crew!

No combat so on to High Elf turn two.

High Elf Turn Two -


Eagle 1 rallies and Operation 'Run away, run away!' swings into action. I swift reform Silver Helms 1 and hide them behind the rocks. Silver Helm 2 wheels left and moves though the village. The Griffon and the Phoenix fly into the center while the Dragon turns to face the center. Eagle 2 flies up to play 'catch me if you can' with the Hellcannon.

Magic is 5 and 4. I cast Curse of Anraheir on the Skullcrushers again. I roll high and the WoC player is unable to dispel. There's no reason for me to go for Wildform on anything so I end the magic phase there.

Shooting sees arrows from the Shadow Warriors bounce off the Skullcrushers. The Ellyrain Reavers shoot off a couple of dogs from the remaining hound unit but they pass their panic check.

No combat so on to WoC turn two.

WoC Turn Two -


No charges are declared. The Hellcannon fails it's leadership check and lurches forward a few inches towards Eagle 1. The Skullcrushers march up and end up taking a couple of wounds thanks to the Curse. The Chimera flies up and the rest of the Chaos army advances.

No magic

No shooting

No combat

29-06-2013, 22:52
High Elf Turn Three -


The Dragon charges the Chariot (hold). The Griffon and the Phoenix charge the Chaos Warriors (hold). Silver Helm 1 swift reforms and moves out of charge range of the Skullcrushers while Eagle 1 flies back to block them. The Ellyrian Reavers move forward to redirect the Dragon Ogres.

Magic is a 4 and a 1. A five dice Curse of Anraheir onto the Skullcrushers is dispelled.

No wounds are done in the shooting phase

In combat the Prince takes a wound after whiffing most of his attacks (I hate the Mark of Nurgle) but the Dragon jumps up and down on the Chariot. The Chimera fails it's panic check for the Chariots destruction and runs away (Hounds 2 are fine). In the other combat the BSB challenges and I accept with the Noble. I only manage to do a single would to the BSB thnaks to his armour and ward save but I don't take any damage in return. The Phoenix causes four wounds on the Warriors but they manage to pass all of their 6+ armour, 6+ parry saves! They don't do any wounds back. Thunderstomp kills a few models and I win the combat by 1 but they hold.

WoC Turn Three -


The Skullcrushers charge Eagle 1. It flees but is caught and run down. The Dragon Ogres charge the Ellyrian Reavers (hold). Hounds 2 pass terror and charge the flank of the Phoenix. The Hellcannon fails it's leadership check and runs towards Eagle 2. The Chimera fails to rally and ends up on the board edge.

No magic

No shooting

In combat the Noble manages to sneek a wound though against the BSB and kills him. The Phoenix throws a couple of attacks at the Hounds (which miss) and a couple at the warriors (which takes them off). Thunderstomp kills another five. This is too much for the Warriors who break. The Hounds break as well but I accidently removed them from the map at this point. The Phoenix and the Griffon run the remaining Warriors down. I feel that it's probably game here. My opponant agrees but we decide to play on to see if anything can be salvaged.

High Elf Turn Four -


Shadow Warriors charge the Chimera which flees off the table. The Mage runs out of the village while Eagle 2 flies away from the onrushing Hellcannon. The Dragon flies back up onto the hill.

I pass on the Magic phase.

There's no shooting as the Shadow Warriors charged.

No combat.

WoC Turn Four -


Hellcannon fails it's leadership again and runs forward. The Dragon Ogres wheel to face the Dragon while the Skullcrushers move back towards the center.

No magic

No shooting

No combat

High Elf Turn Five -


Dragon charges the Dragon Ogres (hold). I shift the rest of my army around a bit.

Magic is a 5 and a 4. I six dice Wildform onto the Dragon which my opponant fails to dispel.

No shooting.

In the combat phase the Prince cuts down an Ogre while the Dragon tears another one apart. The last remaining Ogre causes a wound to my Prince but loses the combat by miles. He runs away and I pursue which almost takes me out of charge range of the Skullcrushers. At this point my opponant calls time so the game ends there.

30-06-2013, 19:34
Solid game!

WoC without magic, don't see that to often ;)

I like the extreme mobility of your list, that and the monsters :)

30-06-2013, 20:54
He must have missed his chariots. Your list has so much avoidance in it that fighting it may have been frustrating :P.

30-06-2013, 23:17
He must have missed his chariots.

He doesn't normaly field any (he's not the guy I played who was proxying the 12 Nurgle Chariot list) but I think he's planning on replacing his core warriors with Chariots at some point. My opponant also plays High Elves and we'd discussed the plans that I had for my new army in some depth so he pretty much knew exactly what I'd be taking while I had no clue what he'd be bringing to the table. I haven't really played against him very much and I think the mobility the list had caught him off guard a bit. This was compounded by his Hellcannon deciding to munch all of it's crew in the first turn and the Chimera not even getting to see combat.