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29-06-2013, 23:52
Liking the look of everything about the Apoc release. Except, you guessed it, the Lord of Skulls. I have enough Iron Warriors to justify some super heavies and would be willing to spend the money if I liked the model, but I really really don't.

So any ideas? A baneblade would provide plenty of barrells to have a stab at a similar kit, but how would you go about making a counts-as for the axe?

Inquisitor Kallus
29-06-2013, 23:55
Blow torch/melta burner? Kind of its the style of IWs

30-06-2013, 00:57
Yup, the Lord of Skulls looks like a horrible conversion made from bits from really cool kits, and I know a lot of people are looking at buying the kit and somehow splitting it into a Greater Daemon (if you can work out how to make new legs) and some sort of cool vehicle (e.g. a counts-as Baneblade) using the main hull.

But making a counts-as Lord of Skulls could be hard. If you hate even the Lord of Skulls hull, then a baneblade seems the only obvious choice. But the hull is the easy part - the hard part is converting something to count-as the 'giant robot top' without repeating the icky robo-centaur look - you'll get grumbles from opponents unless you can roughly match the Lord of Skulls height and shape. The only obvious solution would be some sort of fixed tower as the hull front. Putting a gun on its front is easy. Maybe a giant mechanical whip thingy to count as the axe, while avoiding the robot arm look?

Garanaul the Black
30-06-2013, 04:03
I kind of like it as is, it's a cool throw back to the beginning of my love of this hobby.

I'm currently considering how to splice it with a Defiler, like some sort of horrible spider-centaur.

As far as an Iron Warriors themed LoS, maybe get rid of the axe and make one of the arms terminate in a huge, hazard striped, chain fist? Maybe the other arm can be a Battle Cannon or similar.

Son of Morkai
30-06-2013, 04:19
Make it a siege tank - replace the skulldozer bit with a massive drill (to be the ccw), replace robot bits with a turret. If you want to keep the height, instead replace the robot bits with a tower, akin to a siege tower. I'm sure that even the Iron Warriors would occasionally like to take a fortress without destroying every wall.

Mr Scratch & Sniff
30-06-2013, 07:34
What's wrong with Evernote?

Am I the only person who thinks that it is awesome!?

It's a CHAOS super heavy and built in the image of the god of blood. It's not supposed to be like your traditional tank style.ithink it's cool and have already pre order it!

I don't usually do khorne stuff but as soon as I saw this thing I knew I wanted it. It's about time chaos got a GW superheavy and I think all it could do with is a few more spikes and like mentioned before a better ccw.
I like the idea of using a drill and as an iron warriors player myself i think I will look into that.

Also I'm not that keen on the khorne dozer blade at the front. I think a giant regular one would be much better, again something I will be looking into.

30-06-2013, 10:35
What about making the gun options into a set of turrets to place on the main hull, then adding a large industrial crane-arm to carry the close combat weapon, or a set of large mechanical tentacles?

30-06-2013, 11:05
I don't mind the look of the model, but I think it is a real middle finger to Nurgle, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, undivided and Malal (Joke) players.
In my opinion, it should have been a neutral chaos model with options for symbols to represent it's god.

30-06-2013, 11:45
Since I'm still of the opinion that the Khornemower looks irredeemably stupid, I'd suggest converting a possessed Baneblade (or even a Fellblade, if you're feeling spendy) instead.

30-06-2013, 20:14
Hmmm, loads of ideas. I'm thinking of making something not far from the plague tower (ironically another epic throw-back) probably using the LoS without the torso, which i'd most likely sell. Either that or the possessed baneblade sounds good.

If anyone has played Borderlands 2 the LoS would fit perfectly there, just not in the style of 40K that choose to pursue. Thanks for the great ideas, keep 'um comin'

30-06-2013, 21:41
Hmmm, loads of ideas. I'm thinking of making something not far from the plague tower (ironically another epic throw-back) probably using the LoS without the torso, which i'd most likely sell.

If you REALLY want to do this... use the siege Tower and the Screaming Bell kit with the LoS. Yes, it's also REALLY expensive, but if done right it'd be spectacular.

30-06-2013, 22:02
I now have this idea of incorporating deathknell watch in there as a tower of skulls-esque conversion...

30-06-2013, 22:17
well 1 alternative to the skull plough at the front would be to use the front scoop from the ork battle wagon if you remove the plates and the uneven "teeth" - then attach it as you want

Mr Scratch & Sniff
16-07-2013, 22:40
What about converting it into a spider style walker like a Defiler?

16-07-2013, 23:17
I've honestly been considering possibilities for using the LoS as a basis for some other more individual constructs (by which time you're considering custom rules rather than using it as a LoS) take away the big robot berserker bit and you have a useful and abusable chassis onto which you can build your own nightmare creation(s).

Imagine a huge machine designed to deploy entire squads of Forgefiends into battle, Or an immense rolling citadel designed for leading the destruction of enemy defensive positions, Or a Massive Throne-Platform atop which sits a warsmith on the brink of his apotheosis, Or a mobile Aeire/refuelling system for Heldrakes, Or an immense Mobile Altar dedicated to the dark gods, dragged along by hundreds of cultists.

Just of the top of my head, all of those things sounds more fun to do than a straight LoS stand in.

17-07-2013, 11:18
Love these ideas.

How about kitbash it with the WoC War Shrine?