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Bingo the Fun Monkey
30-06-2013, 08:23
Hi all,

For nearly 10 years now, I have accumulated what I have just calculated to be a legally fieldable 9000 point horde of Orcs and Goblins. This army has and will provide me with a painting project for what I expect to be a period of years, if I can sustain myself on it. Knowing my nature, I can get bored with working on the same project for a long period of time and need distractions. My Warmachine Mercenaries have been a nice distraction, but I feel like I need something else in Warhammer.

My current group is very small. There is myself, a Bretonnian player, and a new (but good) Empire player. However, the Bretonnian player has been rumbling about picking up some Warriors of Chaos, and I've been getting a bit bored of the same ole thing with my Orcs and Goblins. I don't mean that all my games are the same. On the contrary, my collection is mercifully big enough for me to try any number of lists and I've had a lot of fun. Nevertheless, it's not like playing, say, High Elves or any other army that isn't Orcs and Gobboz.

Speaking of High Elves, it's the army I got into the hobby with, nearly 16 years ago. I have every High Elf and Orc book from 5th ed onward, and sometimes consider myself a High Elf player at heart...much as i love my greenskins! The new book reaffirms the neural connections being drawn in my brain between 8th edition and 5th ed. This means it appeals directly to my desire to "chase that high" that I first experienced getting into the hobby as a teenager. I have no problem coming up with army "conecpts" for High Elves, and would enjoy the refreshing experience of reliability, low model counts and small bases.

I don't necessarily even want to start High Elves, however. I also have a burgeoning collection of Storm of Magic monsters including a Cockatrice, Lammasu, Taurus, Manticore, Dragons, Stegadons, Cold Ones, Spiders, Albion stuff, etc. I think that'd be a pretty cool collection to take up to 4000 points. I'd have an excuse to grab a bonegrinder giant from forgeworld, which will then open up whole new ways of torturing my wallet.

Another option is going into scenery. I'm finally living in a house with a garage, so getting a gaming table is an inevitability. However, the intricacy and investment can vary. I've thought about going to Lowe's to grab the materials to make a sturdy wooden and foam board gaming table, and I've also looked at just grabbing a battle-mat. I've made trees and scenery from scratch for my friend's table (the one we all game on), and don't wish to repeat the process, and actually really like the GW terrain sets. The plan is to build a Badlands/Bloodstone Marches table.

What would you do, in my shoes? Budget isn't really an issue, since I'm considering things in terms of years rather than weeks or months.

30-06-2013, 11:05
As I were reading, I was thinking you might want to work on scenery, and, well, you got to it yourself, so there you go, you should make scenery. It's usually fun and rewarding, it's pretty fast to do, each peice can be completely different, so, in short, they really provide great breaks from the usual routine. Or you can try specialist games. These days, I'm painting my Dreadfleet set. That's pretty different from my gobs :)

30-06-2013, 15:18
First project I would go for is a gaming board as well as sorting out your gaming space /storage. It will make future / current much easier