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30-06-2013, 13:10
Hi there.

Im a Dark Elf player and recently came to acquire a bargain Wood Elf army, which Id like to use for demo gaming against my DE (mostly with the wife). She doesnt like evil, so shed be playing the tree huggers. Now, power level wise DE is quoted top tier and WE bottom tier and, as I dont want to make the learning curve for her even more steep, Ive been thinking about how to equalize the field. That said, from what Ive seen, although there is this clear power disparity between the armies, Dark Elves are a good match up for the woodies, with T3 low armour.

So, my question to the community is weather there is a need to balance it in favour of the WE (give them more points etc.) or if its roughly playable as it is.


30-06-2013, 14:15
I would ignore any mentions of "tiers" or "power levels" and just play some games, using different scenarios each time, and decide for yourself.

Many of the strengths or weaknesses depend on what units you take anyway, not just which army it is.

30-06-2013, 14:17
Dont take an unkillable peg lord and dual hydras and those wood elves can hang with your dark elves.

30-06-2013, 14:31
Equal points, just write a poor dark elf list and a 'powerful' wood elf list. Play it down with the 'kiddie gloves' on, but make it look convincing. Making a few intentional mistakes in a demo goes a long way to making someone more interested in the game, even if it is all a sham on your end. Just make sure they don't pick up on it.

01-07-2013, 02:24
Lots of core units for wood elves, tons of dryads and GG (packs of 8 dryads and 12 GG). Take small units of no bigger than 20 or so, we shouldn't have to say don't take the unkillable cheese or any hydras. Practice mechanics, no need to trick her into thinking she won or anything like that. I don't even think it's important to finish a game, just getting used to doing things in the right order and remembering things like declaring charges and moving units would go a long way.

01-07-2013, 03:13
Give yourself a 15% handicap and don't tell her. Let her build a 2k list and you a 1.7k. She should then not lose too badly.

01-07-2013, 04:41
Beginner vs experienced is balanced for WE at 50% not 15%.

01-07-2013, 14:48
Actually I find that if you are shooting/avoidance heavy the wood elf list fares pretty well against dark elves. If she's not into that (which I'll admit most newer players aren't) then you will likely have to tone down the list since the woodies aren't really combat efficient out of the box.

01-07-2013, 19:10
Don't take the Sac Dagger, don't roll with Death Lore, don't take the Unkillable Peg Lord of Infinite Cock Blocking, and do not have more hydras than she has Treemen and you should have relative parity. Despite the fact that DE are the best army in the game and Woodies are in the opposite side of the spectrum, Wood Elves actually match up fairly decently against them without the major offending crutches being employed by the DE player. In fact, Woodies have solid ways to handle Hydras, so they are not as big an issue in this particular matchup.

01-07-2013, 21:02
Thanks guys.

I dont usually play the so-called "optimal lists" anyway, so in that regard I wouldnt bring stuff like unkillable dreadlord or double Hydras etc. Ill strive for a kind of escalation campaign, starting with 1000 pts armies and will try to have some story behind it.

The reason Ive asked is that she is quite competitive:p and Im a way more experienced player (would classify myself as solid tactician). Adding this to the apparent disparity of army books (dont have any experience playing wood elves, though Ive played against them) it makes me worry to put her off, while at the same time I find it unacceptable to loose on purpose.

From the answers, I guess there is no real need to play with handicaps, as long as I dont abuse the DE book, but Ill probably give her 10% advantage and put some missions in the game to even the odds and have more of a challenge.


02-07-2013, 04:34
If you avoid the dark elf cheese it should be a good matchup. All you need to do is not take the cheese and the dark elves are fine. They are top tier because of the cheese only.

I wouldn't give her more than a 10% points advantage. You want her to feel good and enjoy if she beats you (you can assist this lol ;))

Have fun. I've had some fun games with my girlfriend but can't get her into it

Bingo the Fun Monkey
02-07-2013, 05:29
Speaking of Tier-Power Level matchup disparity, Bretonnians are a pretty hard counter to Ogre Kingdoms.

On Topic: as others have said, avoiding the abusive entries and combos in the Dark Elves army will give you guys good games.

If nothing works, WE would make good proxies for HE.

02-07-2013, 18:24
Think of it this way, if you love the fluff and play style of Wood Elves you could learn to play them and when the new book comes out you'll do well as,... nothing can make it worse in the rankings ;-)

02-07-2013, 21:04
Think of it this way, if you love the fluff and play style of Wood Elves you could learn to play them and when the new book comes out you'll do well as,... nothing can make it worse in the rankings ;-)

Oh, I certainly do and I actually intend to use the WE army in the next tournament Ill participate. Being the underdogs only makes me wanting to play them more.

But DE are my first love and as the GF doesnt like them, the games with her will be me playing Druchii and her playing the rebellious hippies:D