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04-07-2013, 01:08
So both my friend and I are trying to figure out our new armies and I will be facing up against Ogres. I have yet to face them this edition so I am not quite sure what to expect, nor how to use Empire properly. Regardless, any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Arch Lector (General): Armor of Destiny, GW, Charmed Shield, War Altar - 310
Battle Wizard Lord: Lvl 4 (Lore of Life), Talisman of Preservation, Dispel Scroll - 270
Total - 580

Captain: BSB, Full Plate Armor, Dawn Stone, Enchanted Shield - 121
Master Engineer - 65
Total - 186

15x Inner Circle Knights: FC - 405
10x Archers: Mus - 80
6x Knights: GW, Mus - 142
Total - 627

Great Cannon - 120
5x Pistoliers - 90
35x Greatswords: FC - 415
Total - 625

Steam Tank - 250
Helblaster Volley Gun - 120
Celestrial Hurricanum - 130
Total - 500

Army Total - 2518 (We are friendly and don't worry about the 18 points)

My plan is to put the BSB with the Greatswords and to put them up against his big unit, then next turn charge in the flank with the Inner Circles. I'll have these both supported by the War Altar and the Hurricanum. The Pistoliers and the Knights are there to redirect and cause trouble. Obviously I'll put the Lvl 4 in the Archers and the Engineer next to the Helblaster and Cannon. One concern I have is if I have enough Greatswords. They are my anvil and I'm not sure if 35 will be enough. Also am I leaving my other flank open too much, or will stank and two cav units be enough to maintain it? Any advice will gladly be accepted!! Thanks :D

Lord Solar Plexus
04-07-2013, 05:00
I'm not a big fan of all eggs in one basket and only one combat unit, nor to put up a fragile BSB into harm's way but that seems to be a minority vote. ;)

04-07-2013, 06:19
Depends in wether his main unit makes contact with your great swords intact or not, I agree with LSP In that eggs in one basket can result in very bad results.

If he runs a gut star, you may find yourself in trouble or being steam rolled in combat, even steam tanks tend to fold to the number of high strength attacks coming there way, especially if a tyrants is in there.

As for the rest it looks the goods, as with everything it really depends on what he runs and wether its paper to rock or not.

04-07-2013, 11:31
Sounds reasonable, although I also agree, perhaps too much "eggs in one basket" I wouldn't rush out to meet the ogres head on, I'd sit right back fairly bunched up and use magical superiority and firepower to whittle them away first. Then use ur knights and greatswords to counter attack.

Personally I wouldn't choose lore of life either! Against ogres lore of fire, is very potent,even lore of beasts if u roll Kadons! However (I say this a lot on here) my favourite is lore of death! Snipe out his butchers and tyrant and BSB 1 each turn, whilst ur artillery all targets 1 unit! Then finish him off with a massive series of charges.

04-07-2013, 17:56
Try the Mace of Helstrum on the AL if you can find some points, its not a great item, but ALs only have 2 attacks anyway, this is a way to boost his damage output. Greatswords are stubborn so dont really need that many in there. They shine with a Warrior Priest in the unit, or the War Altar close by. While I am one of the few who seems to really like pistoliers, they wont be that effective against Ogres. Archers are a good bunker for the wizard, if you are set on life magic, keep him close to the steam tank, its such a nasty combo. Also life is fantastic against Ogres, Dweller's is every Ogre players greatest fear, its a great way to thin out an Irongut unit before getting into combat.

If you drop some greatswords and the pistoliers, you should be able to afford a second great cannon and another master engineer.