View Full Version : Warhammer Escalation Rules

Kurgan Ironbeard
04-07-2013, 18:08
Does anyone know where I can find rules for this campaign? I'm trying to get back into the game and figured an escalation campaign may work at either my local gaming club or GW store, failing that I could use the principles of getting a part of the army ready each week to help me build my army up by myself.

04-07-2013, 19:27
I think a lot of people just come up with their own guidelines or add the escalation aspect to some other campaign set-up. You could use Mighty Empires or the Tamurkhan thing and tweak the rules to include a growth aspect (x points/tile in ME for example), come up with something based on the armies your club plays, or maybe even the nature of the club itself (if you've got someone who tends to out-do everyone else, they could form the basis of the evil overlord character (with their agreement, of course) and the rest of you are his lieutenants or generals in the Army of Freedom and Pancakes or whatever). Then work in the escalation idea so you start off with border skirmishes or the seeds of rebellion (maybe 500 points, maybe some Mordheim games without as much conversion, or the regiment rules from a while ago), and then add points every so often based on what would be reasonable for the group (some might be able to do 500/month... I might be able to do 500/year... ;) ).