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Kurgan Ironbeard
04-07-2013, 21:17
I'm just returning to WHFB and I'm wondering if I could get some input into an offensive Dwarf Army. I'm mainly thinking about a lot Trollslayers, Rangers, Miners, Gyrocopters and anything else that may be useful as I'd prefer not to sit back on a gun line.

I'm planning on buying, assembling and painting around 500 points every two weeks and aiming for an average sized army somewhere in the region of 2k-2.5k.

I have some other questions such as characters can't go with rangers or miners right, so my general would have to have a standard unit, like warriors, quarrelers or thunderers right? Because of the need to get into combat I'm guessing a anvil may be necessary at the 2k stage?

the beardless dwarf
04-07-2013, 22:30
Rune of brotherhood alows you to put characters in miners and rangers ;)

If you want to go offensive with dwarfs, this is the right edition to do so;)

I would sugest you to take rune of extra movment for all units within 12" and Master rune of challange to kill some chaff. Also taking 1-2 war machines to kill any monsters and chaff is very important in offenisve lists. A cannon and organ gun will do the trick.
For units take 40 GW warriors, 40 hammerers, 40 rangers or 30-40 miners (anvil works very great with miners). In 2200-2600 you want to have 3 of these large units. Remember to always take great weapons ;)
For characters use a BSB and a runelord/runesmith and nothing more. Instead invest your points in units, they are far more important for dwarfs.

Also there is a dwarf ambush style list (you can find it on Bugmans brewery forums) It is extremly offensive, with units of rangers and miners, wich means you deploy nothing straight away and thus have the ability to completely out deploy your enemy, WITH DWARFS!!!! :)

Kurgan Ironbeard
05-07-2013, 03:24
How about this list? I'm not sure about the BSB though, he can't have the Strollaz's Rune and Rune of Challenge can he?


Runelord - Anvil of Doom - 315

Thane - Great weapon / Master's Rune of Challenge / Rune of Stone / Rune of Iron / shield - 116

Thane Battle Standard Bearer - Strollaz's Rune - 145


Dwarf Quarreler Rangers (40) - Full Command, Great Weapons - 585

Dwarf Warriors (40) - Full Command, Great Weapons - 425


Trollslayers (40)- Musician/Standard - 348

Miners (30) - Full Command - 355


Cannon - 90

Organ Gun - 120

Total - 2499

05-07-2013, 05:42
A unit of Troll slayers caps at 30. cant go over 30 slayers in 1 unit.

Kurgan Ironbeard
05-07-2013, 06:13
A unit of Troll slayers caps at 30. cant go over 30 slayers in 1 unit.

Thanks :) I've altered the list and added an additional thane in so if there is a problem with the Rune of Challenge that should of sorted it :)

Fighting Newfoundlander
05-07-2013, 11:39
Army looks good. I've actually left war machines out entirely in these lists. No easy points for their fast cav or chaff. Strongest wins I've had with stunties have been with the marching list and not with a gun line.

21-07-2013, 10:11
I like the look of the list, quite versatile and very killy, along with a line that is tough to break because you are dwarves. keep up the good work!