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lees mekshop
05-07-2013, 04:20
well i played the game today and won by over 1300pts
i tabled him and lost 315 total

I took
lvl1 death sorcerer daemon steed
Breath weapon (goes in dragon ogres)

Throgg the troll king (goes in troll unit)

17x Trolls

4x 5x Warhounds (30 each)

3x dragon ogres w/Gweaps 204

Hell cannon

Total 1499pts

He had taken a block of 40x grave guard handweapons and shields with krell and Heinrich Kemmler in a big block of 40ish skellies with a banshee and two units of 20ish Zombie one with a lvl 1 necromancer with at least a d.scroll (all the units were a lot big the time combat happened)

the game went kinder to plan

the lvl1 was the general but i still use throgg to roll ld checks coz his special rule
the trolls did well only losing 5 or 6 of them buy the of the game

the lvl1 went in the dragon orges and went down the flank and took a position behind a building where they could cast spells at the VC general with the death spell (I rolled up Caress of Laniph ) but was such a position that couldn't charge directly

The plan was to snipe Heinrich Kemmler with death magic and bombard the grave guard unit with the hell cannon for a few turns but it was proving a bad idea as hadn't really looked at the rules properly I didn't realise the the hell cannon attacks are not magical which changed the plans of dropping the shell on Heinrich Kemmler head .....so instead I just shot the grave guard to start reducing the units ranks

Anyway the plan wasn't working so well the I had rolled really low for laniph and only did one wound on kemmler and he wasnt really moving forward at all (instead he was just raising more in to all his units )

So I moved up the troll horde forward to engage the incoming skeletons

Managed to get charge off on the skelie unit I had to challenge coz of the eye of the gods rule
The banshee accepted and screamed a wound off throgg( & in the second turn Of combat the banshee rolled really high and knocked the last 3 wounds off throgg)
the rest of the trolls killed a ton of the skellies and the rest crumbled

....with throgg dead and the general out of LD range I thought that was it

...but with a luck roll of double 1's on the stupidity test and managed to get a charge off on the grave guard

(I was lucky with that he had left his flank exposed I don't think he realised that the trolls were gonna so many attacks and and kill all the skellies in his combat phase )

the trolls then got to work slowly killing his grave guard with vomit (they failed there fear test and he had something that caused terror so I chose to puke )

The lvl1 sorcerer then moved to the side of one of the zombie hordes and used the flaming breath which kill 19 of them which made them small enough to charge the dragon ogres charge and win the combat

Trolls finally destroyed GG ,krell,kemmler and the necromancer soon flower the rest of the army soon followed

It was a victory WoC

I had lost throgg and the four units of warhounds 315pts vs 1500pts plus/points for his general and two standards

I think the next time I would like to get some magical attacks in there somewhere as the eatheral units where only killed because of combat res
Well I enjoyed this game the 2nd time I uses the the troll horde and 1st time I've used a hell cannon ( soon after making a WoC army I moved on to the high elves army )
Maybe I would take fire magic on the lvl sorcerer and go for 6 dicing fire ball although flaming sword be nice on the trolls lol flaming trolls with +1to wound :-)

Next time I will take some photos for a proppa battle report

06-07-2013, 05:48
Few things caught my eye in your report. The Hell Cannon has the Demonic Attacks special rule which makes all of it's close combat and ranged attacks magical. I believe Throgg's breath weapon is a Strength 5, magical, no armor save breath weapon. How did he lose the challenge?

19-07-2013, 22:18
I believe the trolls lost their magical vomit attack with the new book. Also how was the banshee screaming directly at Throgg? That shouldnt be possible unless the banshee has sniper.
Hamsterwheel-he lost the challenge due to not having a magic weapon or magical attacks.