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07-07-2013, 15:21
Hi folks,

I'm painting up a Stormraven for my Blood Angels in the Death Company scheme, and had a quick question.
Would the pilot be painted up in Death Company colors, or in standard Blood Angels colors?

I know he has the Mechanicus shoulder pad, but what about the rest of him?


Horus Lupercal
07-07-2013, 15:32
It's still a normal tec marine. He himself is not death company. The raven is in company colours to donate what it is and to scare the crap outa the enemy plus warn other blood angles.

Therefore, the pilot is like a normal pilot!


07-07-2013, 15:35
I would paint the pilot in standard Blood Angel colours. I have a hard time imagining the Blood Angels allowing one of the Death Company to pilot anything, much less an aircraft. The road rage would be unimaginable. :D

07-07-2013, 15:38
Thanks guys.

Most Blood Angels Pilots have yellow helmets like the assault Blood Angels, correct?

Lord Damocles
07-07-2013, 16:14
The GW studio Blood Angel Storm Raven pilot appears to be a Techmarine, judging by the colour of his armour, and the model matching the Storm Talon pilot.

So red (either standard Blood Angel red, or darker Techmarine red) looks like the most likely [helmet] colour.

07-07-2013, 16:26
I can imagine a death company kamikaze storm raven pilot...... would just need to make sure he dropped off his cargo before crashing his **** into the first enemy he saw.

08-07-2013, 02:56
Yah, it's a techmarine piloting it, so he wouldn't have a elbow helmet. Most techmarines have a dark red armour but sometimes that deviates to just a dark red shoulder pad.

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08-07-2013, 08:18
Standard Techmarine Red, to be technical.

I find the odd colours look really odd for Techmarines and to a greater extent Librarians. The Red and Blue seem to clash with other coloured (or slightly different red or blue) Space Marines, though white and black for Apothecaries and Chaplains isn't so bad.