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07-07-2013, 20:35
Hi all.

Going to be playing in a 2v2 tournament and trying to come up with a list. I really struggle with 1k WoC. Teaming up with night goblins. Not 100% sure on his list but I think its two large units of goblins with fanatics. Squig hoppers and a mangler squig or two.

Ive been thinking of:

Level 1 sorcerer w/ enchanted shield and chaos familiar, not too sure about lore

17 chaos warriors with shields

18 chaos warriors with ehw and MoK

3 skullcrushers with enscorcelled weapons

Couple of standard bearers where points allow.

This list is a little dictated by cost because I have all these models.

Any improvements or opinions would be appreciated!

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08-07-2013, 08:36
I'll be watching this one with interest, as I'm intending to go to doubles in November with my WoC and a friend's Night Goblins...

Your list looks similar to mine, except I was thinking chariots in place of the second block, and a level 2 with dispel scroll.

08-07-2013, 14:24
Ive been considering chariots a lot and only decided against for financial reasons. May invest if it would be hugely better

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Fighting Newfoundlander
08-07-2013, 22:33
Play a lot of these team games. You're going to really suffer and the night goblins will love it. Your units are the top priority ones. Given that you need to either try and play your allies game (which involves bringing numbers, one time when marauders might actually be a decent choice - but where your army looks solid, especially as the person who has to bring the hammer of the team), or simply look to fill the role he can't. With goblins that's the hammer units to tip combat once the goblins have them locked up. Hounds and a couple chariots for core, and chimeras, maybe even knights with the sole character. Set up with one goal. Making those cannons have to hit goblins, not your expensive units. They can take it and you can't.

09-07-2013, 20:40
Yeah I kept thinking that. Not sure im going to have the cash to change the list too drastically. Will be interesting to see how it holds up

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09-07-2013, 21:56
put halberds on both units of chaos warriors, will greatly increase effectivness against all opponents except T2 which you wont have to worry about anyway.
can run them 6 or 7 wide for max attacks.

27-07-2013, 18:51
Play tested the list a couple of times. Pretty unsure what I think about it. Even with loads of attacks if a unit holds I get counter charged and lose through res. Tough choices ahead

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28-07-2013, 07:22
In my LGS we are starting this RPG style league for Fantasy. I have never played a game of Warhammer but not new to table top gaming.

So how this works is we start off with 600 points and can take no characters *ever* and or magic weapon's the starting week. You can however spend your gold (your given gold at the start and by playing) to forge magic items. So with that in mind I'll be playing WoC.

Also reason for no characters is because your suppose to level up a exalted hero / lord. You give them names and what not and go from there.

This is what I'm rocking out for my 600 points.

Champion of Khorne (exalted hero)
Additional Weapon
Acid Ichor
Soul Feeder

I love Khorne's fluff and theme so my main building in higher point weeks will have mainly Khorne in it. I choose this set up as I'm going to attach him to a Chosen unit. They'll have MoK as well and will be using Additional Weapons. Just seems to be more effective to have more attacks going for you. For the powers my points were slim so though Ichor could have slim chance to save him and also proc a Soul Feeder if lucky.

Warriors of Chaos x 10
Shield x 10
Aspiring Champion

Chosen x 7
Additional Weapons x 7
MoK x 7
Chosen Champion


All that comes out to 595.

Was going to run with two units of Warriors but thought would be cool to a super flank force at this point level. Please hit me up with any thoughts.

28-07-2013, 17:50
you might wanna consider unmarked "basic" mauraders just as cannon fodder and i personaly think that giving the wizard a lvl2 would pay off

28-07-2013, 17:57
Yeah ive dropped the familiar and a standsrd for level 2. Helped get those spells off a lot. I was thinking about takig the warriors down slightly for warhounds to redirect and tie stuff up

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