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10-07-2013, 12:26
So, I want to build a historical army of redcoats. Just because it looks cool.
There is one restriction on the list: Just humans, gun's and horses. So no magic, wierd bird-horse-beasts, etc. And i'd like 2 unit's Handgunners and 2 Hellblaster Volleyguns.

My only concern is that it's so bad, it will never have ANY chance at winning.

Hope to receive some thoughts on the list.

Heroes: 232
Captain of the Empire / Handgun, Fullplate, BSB
Master Engineer
Master Engineer

Core: 407
11 Handgunners / Marksman, Hochland long rifle
12 Handgunners / Marksman, Hochland long rifle

10 Swordsmen
10 Swordsmen

Special + Rare
Great Cannon
Hellblaster Volleygun
Hellblaster Volleygun

10-07-2013, 12:39
Who is your general here? It can't be the BSB so has to be one of the engineers, who won't help you much.

At this low points level you probably won't encounter much of the monstrous stuff that the cannons are good at killing so you may want to drop that.

I would drop an engineer, a cannon and a helblaster. This should be able to get you a horde of 30-40 halberds (bayonets to fit the theme?) and an arch lector/general to be your general, but you might want to check that.

10-07-2013, 12:42
Not too hot on the pts for empire models but for a mix of more authenticity and. Potentially better playability, I would combine the swordsmen into one unit with full command, drop the marksmen with long rifles. Drop a helblaster and replace with a cannon? Put the BSB in with the swordsmen! Maybe think about 1 bigger unit of handgunners too? And some cavalry?

10-07-2013, 19:29
If I was to do a Redcoat themed Empire army then I'd go for a cheap mounted captain with a pistol as the general. A Master Engineer would probably be worthwhile taking as well. I'd then go for a couple of decent blocks of handgunners with standards (to help with blood and glory). I'd make the Handgunners 20ish strong deployed 2 deep. I'd then take at least one 5 man unit of pistoliers with a musician. At this point I'd splurge the rest of the points on warmachines (cannon and mortar to keep to the theme). My list would probably look something like this...

Captain + barded warhorse + pistol
Master Engineer

22 Handgunners + standard
22 Handgunners + standard

5 Pistoliers + musician

Don't know how fun the list would be to play as the army just hangs back and shoots a lot. Going to 1500 points might improve things as you could add in more Pistolier units for added mobility and a couple of smaller Handgunner units that could garrison buildings or hide in woods.


12-07-2013, 13:28
Kahadras' list looks pretty accurate for a solid representation of a small English force for the 18th century. I'd probably drop some of the warmachines as those would be regulated for larger forces and not present in such numbers at smaller unit sizes. Maybe drop a cannon and the mortar for another unit of Pistoliers with musician or two. The English Dragoons were widely feared and rightfully so during that time period and so another unit or two of them could be expected. If you really wanted you could take a unit of outriders as Major Fergusson had at that time invented a breach loading musket. That could easily explain the extra shots the unit is putting out.

13-07-2013, 13:26
Don't know for sure what i'm going to do. I've decided to just to buy, build and paint stuff. I'll just go with the most units from Kahadras' list.
Then i'll go and play against friends and see what'll happen. I know the hellblaster isn't realistic but I like it very much. That one stays on the list.

Lord Solar Plexus
15-07-2013, 07:13
Well, a historical army in a Fantasy setting will always be problematic. Having said that, some elements are still okay. You could for example use units of Lancers if you're willing to convert stuff. Pistoliers wear somewhat appropriate armour and could get lances from the Knight set. There's some mobility and CC punch.

General + BSB on horse with them for LoS and good saves, then two units of HG for core. Take the odd standard somewhere just in case.

Then keep at least one Blaster. Puckle guns are quite realistic.