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10-07-2013, 21:41
Hi All,

Following some critiscism and advice I've had on creating an Ogre list for a tournament I've made changes some advised some not - and some based on obtaining a job lot of ogres cheaply!?

Tyrant 329
Sword of Blood Shed + Greedy Fist, Heavy Armour and brace of pistols.

Butcher Level 2 185
Using Lore of the great maw, carrying hellheart

Butcher Level 2 160
Using Lore of beasts, carrying Dispel Scroll

11 Ironguts FCG, lookout gnoblar, Dragonhide banner 558

11 Ogres FCG, with Ironfists, and look out gnoblar 387

26 gnoblars with champ and standard 80

8 Leadbelchers 344

Gorger 90

3 Mournfangs FCG with heavy armour and ironfists carrying the warbanner 275

2 Ironblasters

1 Stonehorn


Honestly I'd like any critiscism on this, I really think I should have included Maneaters, and I know I'm missing sabretusks out for chaff chasers! Maybe taking less normal Ogres to take a couple of Cats needs to be considered?!

My plan is to buff my big melee blocks with lore of the great maw and lore of beasts, those Ogres having Wyssans wildform cast on them would be unstoppable! Panns impenetrable pelt on the Ironguts would seriously improve their survivability!

Advance in line across the board, Ironblasters and Leadbelchers in the middle of my line, as soon as the biggest baddest thing my opponent has is close enough 2 S10 Grapeshots and a volley from Leadbelchers and Tyrant sould seriously put a dent in it! Following this in melee my Tyrant with 8 Strength 6 attacks should be able to put the hurt on anything standing in his way!

The bigger melee units flank on side of the centre putting a stop to any flanking actions my opponent thinks about, the other flank contains the Stone horn and the Mournfangs, I will hold these back until the main battle line is nearing the opponent then initiate my own charges combined where possible getting the stonehorn and mournfangs to charge the same unit on same turn. I will try to get them to ensure that the Gorger comes from behind to support this charge action, giving my opponent a lot to think about all at once.

Any suggestions?! BTW I'd like to avoid a full on Gutstar!


The French Guy
11-07-2013, 15:16
I think you got a nice base here.

I play with a slaughtermaster but I believe a tyrant can wreck havoc.
I would try to get a BSB but it's not that easy. You could cut the gnoblars and drop the gorger.

The sabretusks are awesome, I field 3-6 depending on the pts limit.
I would drop an ogre/irongut depending on where you would like to put the tyrant.
I would field the gnoblars as 10 trappers, so giving you 30pts.

I would drop champions off the units (gives you 30pts)
I would give standard of discipline to the irongut, put the tyrant there, and give the dragonhide to the mournfangs (gives you 20pts)

I would give a bellower to the leadbelchers and add a 4th mournfang.
I would drop the look out gnoblar if pts needed.

Hope it helps!

11-07-2013, 21:19
Intersting advice, I think definitely dropping the Champs and look out gnoblars and some normal gnoblars could be usefull, getting a 4th mournfang for certain would be great, and definitely need some sabretusks...

Dragonhide banner to the Mournfangs makes more sense that should enable them to take out anything on the charge! especially if the Stone horn gets in there too....

The Gorger I know where you're coming from maybe with the cats I dont need one, without the cats I felt I did as a distraction tool!

I'll play around with the points tomorrow and try and make some ammendments!