View Full Version : Please review my Orc and Goblin 2250 point list

11-07-2013, 18:02
This list comes out at 2230 can people offer advice on it and how effective it will be.Thanks

Orc shaman (With Arrer Boys)
Level 2
Dispel Scroll

Night Goblin Great Shaman (With Night Goblins)
Talisman preservation

Orc Boss (With Big Uns)
Battle standard

Night Goblin Big Boss
Great weapon,light armour

Orc Boss
Boar,Great Weapon

35 Big Uns
razor standard

18 Orc Arrer Boys

20 Orc Boys
Spears Shields

25 Goblins
Nasty Skulker

5 spider riders

40 Night Goblins 120
Nets, fanatic 70
Musician standard 20


Goblin Rock Lobber

5 goblin wolf riders
Musician,Spear Shield

5 goblin wolf riders
Musician,Spear Shield

5 spider riders

Boar Chariot
Extra boy

Spear chukka x1

17-07-2013, 03:44
I'm no expert but I'll have a go as noone else has replied.

who's your general in this list? the orc boss on boar? He needs at least armour of destiny or something if talisman of preservation is taken. I would also drop both units of spider riders as you already have the wolf riders as your fast cav. Things like the extra boy and spears and shields can be trimmed for points if needed too as I think the unit of 20 boys is too small to be of any use and needs to be 30 strong at least. Your bsb orc also needs some protection too. Spear chukkas usually only work well with 2 of them, so if you need points you could drop that too.

using your basic units i'd go some thing like

orc warboss
great weapon
armour of destiny
crown of command

night goblin great shaman
earthing rod
lvl 4

orc boss
great weapon
armour of silvered steel

orc shaman
lvl 2
dispel scroll

night goblin big boss
great weapon

34 orc big uns (lord and bsb here i like them 6 wide)
music and standard
additional hand weps
banner of discipline

30 orc boyz
music and standard
spears and shields

18 arrow boys

40 night goblins
stand musician and a fanatic and nets

25 goblins
bows music and skulker

5 wolf riders

5 wolf riders

1 chariot

1 rock lobber

1 giant

has about 15 points left if i've added it up right only did it quick even in this list the 30 boys with spears could probably be better spent as a unit of trolls or something else harder hitting. It's not a competitive list but should be fine for fun games, for competitive play the giants not used and needs trolls, savage orc horde and mangler squigs probably

17-07-2013, 07:01
It's ok - but it does lack a lot of hand-to-hand combat punch - which for OnG is given by...

Orc Boyz/Big Unz supported by AT LEAST 2 hard hitting characters, one is normally a Warboss
Savage Orc Big Uns
Black Orcs
Squig Herds
Night Goblins with 2-4 Big Bosses with great weapons
Arachnork Spider

And your list doesn't seem to include too much punch!

Warmachines - you sport a single chukka and rock lobba - but chukkas work well in pairs as with such poor BS they don't hit that often! so 2 is golden! Doom Diver is also more versatile.

Chaff units you have - a lot - so that's fine

I just don't see where the threat comes from - if I was facing this list - even the unit sizes are going to be struggling as with just a few dead models per unit will see them lose combat effectiveness.

Orcs need to be AT LEAST 40 strong, Savages get away with smaller numbers.

Gobbos need to be around 50 strong to tough out a fight.