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01-06-2006, 13:41
1000 pts, pitched battle with little terrain.

High elves(approximately):
1 Mage(lvl.2, Seer, Silver Wand, Channeler) 180 pts
10 Archers 120 pts
10 Archers 120 pts
16 Spearmen(Standard, Musician) 194 pts
5 Silver Helms(Heavy Armour, Shields, Standard) 129 pts
10 Sword Masters(FC) 160 pts
1 Chariot 85 pts

Dogs of War:
1 Captain(Heavy Armour, Shield, Morningstar) 58 pts
1 Paymaster(Heavy Armour, Shield, Pistol) 68 pts
1 Wizard(lvl.2, dispel scroll) 120 pts
1 Wizard(lvl.2, dispel scroll) 120 pts
10 Crossbowmen 80 pts
10 Crossbowmen 80 pts
13 Pikemen(Standard) 140 pts
13 Pikemen 130 pts
15 Norse Marauders(Flails) 120 pts
1 Cannon 85 pts

HE mage chose Flames of the Phoenix, Fury of Khaine and Curse of Arrow attraction. DoW mage#1 rolled on Lore of Beasts, settling on Oxen stands and Eagle's Cry. Mage#2 rolled on Metal, getting Brass and Silver.

After the game we realized the DoW list is illegal, even though we agreed on a +/- 5 pts-limit. It has one character too many, not that big a deal as it turns out this time, just a minor detail. Another detail to keep in mind is that I didn't have any models besides Skinks so every DoW model is represented by a skink. Makes it harder to tell them apart but that's the perils of proxying.

Table & Terrain:
30"x30", 3" deployment zones which leaves 24" between. 2 hills on north end of table, rather small and spaced wide apart. One large hill centered in the south DZ. Two hedges, one on either flank with approx. 10" to one DZ, making a large hole in the middle of the table.

HE won the right to choose a side, taking the north DZ with the two hills.

Going west to east the HE deployed thus:
Archers#1 on the west hill, Swordmasters next to the hill, Mage, block of Spearmen, Silver Helms, chariot, last unit of Archers on the east hill. Not much space to deploy on so they were pretty much just lined up. DoW rather similar, just lined them up, west to east:
Norse, Mage#1, Pikemen(Std, Captain), Mage#2, Xbows#1 across hill, cannon on edge of hill, Pikemen(Paymaster), Xbows#2.

DoW won first turn.

DoW turn 1:
Norse and Pikemen moves forward, the Norse and the eastern unit of Pikemen(with Paymaster) wheeling slightly towards the middle of the table. Magic phase is pretty uneventful as I manage to position my mages >24" to the enemy. Shooting more than makes up for it as I manage to roll exactly the right amount of inches on the artillery dice. The ball misfires and doesn't bounce anywhere but it doesn't matter, the HE chariot takes a large chunk of metal at high speed right in the face. Crash. My opponent isn't all that happy about it.:D
The Xbows does a fine job as well, the unit on the hill focus on the Swordmasters and manages to kill 3 of them. The unit on the east flank can only draw a line of sight to the HE Archers on the east hill across the table. This causes 2 archers to drop dead, 1 shy from a panic test. The Swordmasters however takes a panic test and valiantly decides to live to fight another day. For some reason my opponent gets even more disappointed...

HE turn 1:
The Spearmen march straight forward with the Silver Helms advancing and wheeling towards the middle of the tabel, stopping just in front of the east hedge. The HE wizard advances with the Spearmen as cover, staying within 5". In the magic phase a Fury of Khaine is scrolled and then Flames of the Phoenix fails. Archers unit#1 shoots at Pikemen#1(Captain), scoring 1 dead out of 4 hits. The second unit of Archers performs even worse, managing 2 hits on the crew of the Cannon but scoring 0 wounds. Things are not looking good for the pointy-ears...

DoW turn 2:
Pikemen rolls on towards the middle of the table, Norse advance forward towards the eastern hedge, hoping to flank the spearmen once they've engaged the Pikemen. Eagle's Cry aimed at the Helms is dispelled, however Molten Silver hits causing 3 wounds which are all saved. Darn.
Well, at least the Helms are nicely lined up for my Cannon to bounce a shot straight across the unit. I manage to guess the range rather accurately but the +10" from the artillery dice sends the ball way far off. The Xbows on the eastern flank continue to pick at the unit of Archers opposite them, killing 1. The Xbows on the hill shoots at the Helms, scoring 4 hits and winding up with 2 kills. Not too shabby. The Helms pass their panic test though.

HE turn 2:
To my surprise the Helms declare a charge against my Beasts-mage, neatly positioned between the hill and the unit of Pikes with a Captain. Realizing that the wizard will most likely get pulverized and the Helms continue on into the Xbows I chose to flee, hoping to at least to be able to rally later. True enough the Helms redirect into the Xbows on the hill who tries to stand&shoot. The wizard manages to miraculously stay on the table with a quarter inch to spare. The Xbows manages to kill on charging Silver Helm but not cause them to panic. The unit of Spearmen pauses their advance.
The HE mage whiffs off another volley of fiery death, Fury of Khaine(FoK) dispelled and Flames of the Phoenix(FoP) scrolled. Similar pattern emerges during shooting, Archers#1 picks off 3 Pikemen from the west unit and Archers #2 kills the last model from the same to cause a panictest. Test passed due to Captains Ld8.
Close combat turns out to be pretty funny, at least to me. The charging Helms miss with both their attacks, including steeds. Fortunately the Xbows manages to kill none of the attackers and the combat is stalled due to standard cancelled by outnumbered. Not your typical outcome when charging with heavy cavalry against a line of archers....:p

DoW turn 3:
The wizard on the run fail to rally and flees off the table. The Pikemen and Norse start to converge on the Spearmen but no charges, preferring the spearmen charging them instead. All magic is dispelled and not very interesting. The unengaged unit of Xbows, on the east flank, chip away at the Archers#2, killing another 2 but not scaring them off. The Helms finally manages to kill one Xbowman with the help of their trusty steeds, while suffering no harm in return. Faced with such overwhelming odds the Xbowmen turn tail and run like crazy off the table. The crew of the Cannon pass their panic test but turns to look at 2 very smug Silver Helms starting to look their way.

HE turn 3:
To everyones surprise the Helms continue their rampage and charges into the Cannon. The Spearmen starts to slowly retreat with the HE Mage staying close by. FoP goes off on the unit of Pikemen with the Paymaster, causing disastrous results. 5 dead pikemen and a failed panic-test leads to them fleeing 6" towards the DoW table edge. The unit of archers on the east hill continues to pick on the remaining Pikemen, killing one. The west unit of archers sees the lone Wizard, now bereft of his Pikemen cover, and tries to make a pincushion out of him. Somehow all they manage to inflict on him is a single lousy wound. Hurray for me.
2/3 of the crew of the Cannon is slaughtered before they can react and is overrun by the Helms, who continue into the remaining unit of Xbows on the east flank.

DoW turn 4:
Things are not looking very bright for the mercenaries. With no ranged support and a very nasty HE mage out there the game start to run towards a finish.
The fleeing Pikemen rally however and the other unit of Pikemen charge the Spearmen. The Norse however fail to reach them as, after a coin-toss, they need to spend too much time wheeling. Molten Silver cast at the Pikemen is dispelled with nothing else interesting happening in the magic phase. All shooters are engaged in close combat so that's out too. The Helms massacre the Xbowmen and forces them off the table. The charging Pikemen with the Captain in the front do very well and kills some 5 elves but they pass the breaktest by rolling a 1 and a 2.

HE turn 4:
The Helms turn to face the newly rallied Pikemen, little movement except for the mage shuffling about. All spells are dispelled or failed to cast. Archers pick off 1 Pikemen from the unengaged unit and 2 Norse. In combat the Captain is the only DoW model to do ok, the Elves manages to win combat by ranks and some kills. A failed breaktest, I rolled 2 6's, send the Pikemen packing with the Elves in close pursuit. They are overrun by 5".

DoW turn 5:
By overrunning the Pikemen the Spearmen exposed their flank and rear to the Norse, who jumps at the opportunity and charges in like the bloodthirsty madmen they are. A successfully cast Molten Silver, unsuccessfully dispelled by the HE even with 4 dice, at the remaining 2 Helms causes some severe damage. 4 hits -> 4 Wounds -> 2 failed 3+ saves -> destroyed Silver Helms. In close combat the frenzied Norse armed with Flails dish out a truckload of attacks but only kill 4 elves. The pointyears pass their breaktest and 2 Norse expand to their flanks.

HE turn 5:
FoP on the Norse is dispelled, the elven Archers kills the DoW wizard but fails to harm the Pikemen. The Spearmen manages to inflict a whole hit on the Norsemen but fails to wound. The Norse have no such difficulties and slays 3 elves. Again a passed breaktest and another Norse at their flanks.

DoW turn 6:
The Pikemen turn around to help the Norse, not much else to do at this stage. The Norse finally pulverizes the last elves.

HE turn 6:
The HE mage fries a large portion of the Pikemen with FoP, the archers kills another 2 Pikemen.

At this point I threw in the towel. There is just no way the Norse and Pikemen are going to muck their way through all that firepower and eradicate the elves. The prospect of spending another 2 turns removing casualties and trying to pass panictests isn't worth my time.

Winner and VP: HE wins. 813VP to 668VP to DoW.

01-06-2006, 14:41
The first round of shooting for the DoW was just perfect. Hitting the Chariot with the Cannon was almost as lucky as getting the Swordmasters to panic off the table. Not marching the Pikemen forward to form a bottleneck between the two hedges was a major oversight, I should have used them a whole lot more aggressively. Also not getting the wizards into range on turn 1 was also a major oversight, if only one or two of their spells would have hit home the Elves would have been crippled.
Managing to get a Wizard charged by the 'Helms by placing it closest to them between the Pikemen and Xbow was rather clumsy. Silver Helms rampaging at the back of your lines is a recipe for disaster. Pikemen placed close together so that the full 5 'Helms could not have pass through would have made the world a whole lot safer for the supporting Xbows and Cannon.

Norse Marauders turned out to be quite cost-effective. Rather cheap, hits hard and almost impervious to missiles due to frenzy and some extra models. Without frenzy after the first round of combat, where the flails are still useful, they are mediocre at best. The HE chariot could probably have knocked the frenzy out of them by just winning combat by a small margin. You don't have to beat them to remove their frenzy, only win one round of combat.

Crossbowmen also performed admirably, although the business with the inept Silver Helms was just pure luck. When stacked against HE Archers they are about just as good but cost 25% less. A Xbow-gunline works really well and doesn't cost all that much. I strongly recommend every DoW army to take at least a unit of 10 Crossbowmen for each 500 pts. Only one restriction: deployment. Without a hill to on which to deploy in double ranks Xbows lose a lot of their effectiveness. Ideally they should take up space at the rear of the army, preferably on an elevated position while leaving enough room for the rest of the army to provide a wall of bodies in front of them.

01-06-2006, 17:22
DoW army was illegal. It has 4 characters.

02-06-2006, 11:17
DoW army was illegal. It has 4 characters.

Yup. Covered that in the first part of the post. Anything more substantial to add to the report would be appreciated.
What would you take against such a HE foe?
Any favourite tactics to handle the situations I described?
Would Galloper Guns be a better subtitute for the regular Cannon in this battle?

03-06-2006, 11:10
Much Bigger units of Pikemen, 1 unit of 26 would be better than 2 of 13.
Save the galloper guns for bigger battles, at low points an ordinary cannon is a better investment (Galloper guns have trouble taking out big multiwound monsters and chariots, which are what you really need a cannon to take out at 1000pts).

Some magical protection for your paymaster is a good idea. and some duelists indetad of the 2nd wizard.

As you have noted forming a bottle neck is one of the best stratagies for pikemen, and if you had had some dullists to protect the flanks it becomes very difficult for an enemy to brake.

I play my Pikemen aggresivly, with enough fire support to make comming towards me an attractive option. Advancing with menecing units can make your opponet do foolish things.

But if you play high elves again, remember that a big enough unit of cavalry (espically with a tricked out hero or lord in) will much through pikemen.