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14-07-2013, 00:15
Hey all!

Since I can't find a tactics page for Bretonnia that is up to date, this will serve as one! I currently am just about to start a Bretonnian army and ordered my first units today!

If you guys could post any advice you have on "valuable" units, character builds, or any good tactics you all know of! Lets turn this thread into a pro's guide for Bretonnians!

Lord Cedric
14-07-2013, 01:06
Hey there.

While there are some on here than can offer good advice, I *highly* suggest you take a look through the Bret fan-site, Round Table of Bretonnia. Originally designed by Earl Cadfael, it's a very up-to-date site on all things Brets. Bretonnia was my very first Warhammer Army and it's the one that drew me into playing the game.

For Bretonnian Unit Tactics, I suggest this: http://www.roundtable-bretonnia.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=710&Itemid=26

For Bretonnian Deployment Tactics, I suggest: http://www.roundtable-bretonnia.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=711&Itemid=26

Overall site is: http://www.roundtable-bretonnia.org

Lots of great information there! Good Luck and glad to see another Bret General take the list!

- Lord Cedric

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15-07-2013, 18:41
I agree that you should definitely check out the Round Table.
But I would like a tactica here too. So I'll come up with some thoughts!

17-07-2013, 08:28
One thing I've come to realise with playing Brets recently is to do with deployment of knights.

Given how important getting the charge is for these chaps I would often place them deeper in my deployment zone. However I soon realised that this allowed my enemy to get closer to my lines, but still be either out of my charge ranges or give me very long 18-20" charges.

I've recently started deploying my knights as far forward as they can in the deployment zone. This means you're projecting a threat zone much further forward onto the board and are already limiting your opponents movement options (unless they are happy to get charged by three lances of knights!). This seems to be especially true of helping to contain flying threats with their long 20" movement.

I've often then found that the my first turn of movement with my knights simply involves repositioning and even quite often reforming slightly and then moving backwards, just setting things up for the charge when it comes.

By limiting their forward movement because of the reach of your own threat zone, it means it'll be longer before they do reach your lines, giving time for your Peg Knights and Yeomen (and maybe small KE units) to run interference, and for your Damsels,Peasant Bowmen and Trebs to do some damage/ clear out chaff.

Obviously scenarios and specific opponent's armies will affect this plan, but I've found this to be a much more effective tactic (and being more interesting to play) than just simply charging forward, hell for leather, at the first opportunity.

17-07-2013, 14:22
I have found that steadfast elimination before a charge is incredibly important. I have often said in my gaming group that as my trebuchets go, goes my army. Brets can no longer charge massive stacks and be successful - we need to whittle those stacks down a bit first.

So, generally speaking, I hang back for a turn or two, letting my trebuchets, archers and magic knock off a few ranks of the things I need to charge. I send flankers to get at their warmachines ASAP (Pegasus Knights are ace in this regard) to prevent as much damage to my knight units as possible.

When I do charge, I multi charge. Seldom will you find that a single knight bus of 9 or 12 knights is enough to break a deep unit. It often will, but it's not guaranteed. Double charges are the way to go.

17-07-2013, 20:59
The sad / good thing about brets is there is only one set of tactics:
*shoot with arrows
*hit with trebs
*charge with brets on the counter
*absorb enemy charges with MoAs

There are simply too few unit choices to do anything else, sure you may have Pegasus knights or errants/Grail but the tactics remain pretty much the same.

That said I love the models! ;)

King Arthur
18-07-2013, 11:24
Trebs are your friend get at least one two is preferable! Peasant bowman are nice to protect them and counter enemy fast cav, scouts and skirmishers. I use my yeoman as a sacrificial unit to protect my knights used as screens and jumping on mangler squigs! 16-17" away is often how far away you want to be so that the enemy can't charge you but the knights can charge pretty easily as the average charge is 16.5". Deployment is very important counter the enemy units with knights unit best suited against them. Such as a unit with errantly banner is often good against heavily armored foes or ones with high toughness due to the increased strength and these foes often have higher weapon skill so would be the same as KotR anyway almost "match up" the units.

18-07-2013, 14:33
One thing I've found you *have* to keep in mind with bannered-up Knights Errant is that they're basically "frenzy +1" as far as your opponent is concerned- you really need to limit the chance that they'll go haring off early against the first thing someone puts 20 inches away from them either by having your general + bsb baby-sit them, or blocking shenanigans. Both have their downsides: a Lord General with standard of discipline still has you on an 8 re-rollable for not running off like idiots, blocking them with a unit of yeomen or something means you have to mind not to get hung up when it's time to charge.

A big thing to be careful about, especially if you like longer lances, is character/champion placement both in your units and the target units. I've had people shut down basically half a lance by issuing a challenge that puts my character/champ on a corner because I didn't pay attention (and when I've had it happen it hasn't even been intentional, chaos player has to challenge, I want to keep the blessing... oh, crap, 3 whole models just got shut down).

I wouldn't say that there's "one approach to rule them all" though, you can get away with a bit of variety... not too much, but a bit. Mass Peasants is at least entertaining, RAF at least looks like it *should* be able to cause some consternation (probably hard to make it reliable but that's some serious mobility + stomps), and you don't *have* to take trebs... they're just a really good value for the points (which do indeed help make up for some of the lacklustre value-for-points units we have to contend with... but it isn't utterly hopeless without them. Just a lot harder to deal with things).

21-07-2013, 11:18
I listed some Bretonnian tactics a few years back on this forum. As nothing has changed between then and now, these tactic should still be viable.