View Full Version : 3K WoC Khorne/Nurgle list

Fighting Newfoundlander
16-07-2013, 02:26
Just played this for the first time the other day against my buddies nasty Orc and Goblin army. Barely squeaked out a win, and we realized after that may have been from doing an overrun wrong. Still, had a good first game. What do you guys think? What would you change? Or add if going to 3500? - ahm. This is a little embarrassing, but now that I've started this thread, my computer doesn't see to want to let me use 'enter' - I'll post the list in a bit.

Fighting Newfoundlander
16-07-2013, 16:19
So, the army consists of:
Nurgle DP, with Chaos armour, flight, scaled skin, soulstealer, +1 sword, charmed shield, Lev 4 w/ familiar. Total 525
Sorcerer Lev2, unmarked, death w/ Dispel Scroll. Enchanted shield 175
17 MoN Warriors w/ shield C/S/M, and 1 Ld reroll banner 324
10 MoK Warriors w/ Halberts 190
4x5 dogs w/ vanguard 160
5 MoK Horsemen w/ flails and Mus 100
9 Kights MoK, ens weapons, C/S/M w/ flame banner 445
2 Chimera w/ regen and breath 550
6 Skullcrushers w/ ens weapons, C/S/M 498
Total = 2967 just nowrealizing I ripped myself off 33 points, could have had breath on the DP after all. Thoughts?