View Full Version : Slaanesh Reign of Chaos, do you get your ward save?

16-07-2013, 03:49
On a roll of 8 Slaanesh does his thing and khorne units take 3d6 dice vs their leadership wounds with no armor save allowed. I'm assuming since it doesn't say other wise that units will still get their ward save?

16-07-2013, 07:31
They sure do. Unless it says no saves of any kind, which I don't remember it saying

16-07-2013, 15:18
The Dark Prince Thirsts only specifies that no Armour Saves are allowed, so take Ward Saves as normal.

17-07-2013, 21:31
And remember, as per the only Daemons of Chaos FAQ, that every unit that is not engaged in close combat of the enemy army is also affected on a 6 on the die roll ...

Does more damage than the Slaanesh Lore of Magic :cheese: !