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Wilhelm das Blutige
17-07-2013, 22:33
Skaven Army List


Warlord - Heavy Armour and Shield
Giant Blade, Talisman of Endurance, Warplock Pistol 191 pts

Grey Seer - Fencer's Blades, Talisman of Preservation, Channelling Staff 335 pts


Chieftain - Halberd, BSB = Shroud of Dripping Death 102 pts

Warlock Engineer - Level 2 Wizard (Lore of Ruin)
Warpstone Armour, Warp Energy Condenser, Warplock Pistol 158 pts

Plague Priest - Level 2 Wizard (Lore of Plague)
Sword of Might, Foul Pendant 185 pts

Core Units

40 Clanrats - Full Command, Hand weapon and Shield 200 pts

Poisoned Wind Mortar 65 pts

20 Clanrats - Full Command, Spear and Shield 120 pts

20 Clanrats - Full Command, Spear and Shield 120 pts

30 Stormvermin - Full Command 235 pts

Warpfire Thrower 70 pts

10 Stormvermin - Full Command, Shield, Banner of the Under-Empire 138 pts

Ratling Gun 55 pts

10 Night Runners 70 pts

Special Units

2 Rat Ogres and Packmaster 88 pts

2 Rat Ogres and Packmaster 88 pts

6 Warplock Jezzails - Sharpshooter 130 pts

Rare Units

Doomwheel 150 pts

Total 2,500 pts

Vampire Counts Army List


Vampire Lord - Level 4 Wizard (Lore of Vampires)
Heavy Armour and Shield, Barded Nightmare
Red Fury, Aura of Dark Majesty, Beguile
Giant Blade, Nightshroud 548 pts


Vampire - Level 2 Wizard (Lore of Death)
Heavy Armour and Shield
Fear Incarnate
Sword of Striking, The Cursed Book 216 pts

Necromancer - Level 2 Wizard (Lore of Vampires)
Rod of Flaming Death 140 pts

Wight King - Heavy Armour and Shield, Skeletal Steed, Barding
Luckstone 114 pts

Core Units

40 Skeleton Warriors - Full Command, Spears
The Screaming Banner 255 pts

20 Zombies - Standard Bearer and Musician 70 pts

20 Crypt Ghouls - Crypt Ghast 210 pts

10 Dire Wolves - Doom Wolf 90 pts

Special Units

10 Black Knights - Full Command, Barding, Lance
Wailing Banner 340 pts

2 Fell Bats 32 pts

2 Bat Swarms 70 pts

Spirit Host 45 pts

Rare Units

3 Cairn Wraiths - Tomb Banshee 175 pts

Black Coach 195 pts

Total 2,500 pts



Skaven Spells

Grey Seer: Death Frenzy, Cracks Call, Bless with Filth, Curse of the Horned Rat

Warlock Engineer: Warp Lightning, Scorch

Plague Priest: Pestilent Breath, Plague

Vampire Counts Spells

Vampire Lord: Invocation of Nehek, Vanhel's Danse Macabre, Hellish Vigour, Curse of Years

Necromancer: Invocation of Nehek, Wind of Death

Vampire: Spirit Leech, The Fate of Bjuna

Character Placement

The Skaven placed the Warlord and the Warlock Engineer in the unit of 30 Stormvermin.

The Grey Seer, Chieftain and Plague Priest went in the unit of 40 Clanrats.

The Wight King went in with the Black Knights and the Vampire (on foot) went into the Skeleton Warrior unit.

The Vampire Lord and Necromancer were placed on their own.

Wilhelm das Blutige
17-07-2013, 22:34
Skaven Turn 1


Magic Phase: Bless with Filth cast on Rat Ogres 1 with Irrestible Force. Miscast: Detonation! kills 4 clanrats.

Death Frenzy cast on Night Runners.

Shooting Phase: Doomwheel destroys 3 Black Knights.

Poisoned Wind Mortar scores direct hit on Dire Wolves and kills 4.

End of turn: 4 Night Runners burst major arteries and die from the Death Frenzy.

Vampire Counts Turn 1


Movement Phase: Dire Wolves grossly underestimate the Night Runners and charge them. Forest turns out to be a Blood Forest. Stand and Fire reaction took out another two wolves.

Black Knights cannot charge the Doomwheel as this would put some of them over the building, so begin to move round the buiding instead.

Crypt Ghouls back up to protect the Black Knights rear from a Doomwheel attack.

Once everything else has moved up, the Vampire Lord moves into the open terrain via the open side of the building. Only two walls are standing, part of a third wall is just rubble.

Magic Phase: Gleaming scythes appear on the Black Coach. Vampire used The Cursed Book to cast Doom and Darkness on the Night Runners (fairly useless given that they are now Frenzied and so Immune to Psychology. Necromancer had IoN dispelled. Vampire Lord put 1 dice into IoN and rolled a 1. Remaining dice put into Curse of Years by the Necromancer which was Irresistibly Dispelled.

Close Combat: The Night Runners finished off the remaining wolves.

Skaven Turn 2


Movement Phase: Night Runners move into forest.

Stormvermin group 2 moves forward, intending to bait the Black Coach.

Stormvermin group 1 swing left, hoping to counter charge the Black Coach if the smaller group manages to hold.

Doomwheel rolls 18 for movement, bringing it out of the Ghouls charge arc.

Magic Phase: Grey Seer tries a Cracks Call towards the Cairn Wraith, gets the spell off but range falls short. Scorch from the Warlock Engineer is dispelled, but Warp Lightning destroys 5 Skeleton Warriors.

Shooting Phase: Poisoned Wind Mortar shot lands harmlessly behind the Skeletons. Doomwheel rolls a 2 for the Strength of its Zzzzap! and does no damage to the Ghouls.

End of turn: 2 more Night Runners have cardiac arrests

Vampire Counts Turn 2


Movement Phase: Black Coach charges the smaller group of stormvermin, who pass their terror test. Bat Swarms also charge the stormvermin. Cairn Wraiths charge one of the Rat Ogre units. Fell Bats charge the third group of clanrats.

The Skeleton Warriors move towards the Night Runners, but stop short of the forest, not wanting to risk being hit by spells if they get stuck in the forest. trying instead to goad the main stormvermin unit into the forest. The Black Knights advance towards the Jezzails and clanrats, while the Zombies and Crypt Ghouls turn to face the Doomwheel. The Vampire Lord still feels safer out on his own instead of joining the Black Knights unit.

Magic Phase: The stormvermin facing up against the Black Coach and Bat Swarms are hit with The Withering from The Cursed Book, reducing their toughness to 1. The Vampire then tries to take out the Skaven General with The Fate of Bjuna, but the attempt is dispelled. Having drained the Skaven's dispel pool, Invocation of Nehek is used to bring the Skeleton Warriors and Black Knights back to full strength, and the Zombie unit is brought up to 11 over its starting numbers. The undead now have one more model on the board than they started with.

Shooting Phase: The Banshee screams at the Rat Ogres but rolls a 3.

Close Combat Phase: Four Stormvermin are crushed by the Black Coach and another three killed by the combined attacks of the Bat Swarms and Nightmares before managing to inflict two wounds on the Bat Swarms. The Cairn Wraith fails to get any more kills, but the Stormvermin break and flee only to be run down by their pursuers. The Bat Swarms pursuit takes them into the Ratling Gun. The Cairn Wraiths and Tomb Banshee inflict a single wound on the Rat Ogres. They break but escape their pursuers, running beyond the main unit of clanrats. Both nearby clanrat units make their Panic tests. The Wraiths pursuit takes them into combat with the second clanrat unit. The Fell Bats realise the folly of their charge too late and are impaled on the Skaven's spears.

Skaven Turn 3


Movement Phase: The Night Runners charged the Skeleton Warriors, being under Death Frenzy. The Rat Ogres charged into the Skeleton Warriors flank. The stormvermin charged the Bat Swarms, hoping to get an overrun into the Black Coach. However, because of the Ratling Gun already in combat, they were only able to bring one file into contact.

The Doomwheel turned to face the Necromancer, managing to roll high enough to get out of the Crypt Ghouls charge arc, but not close enough to target the Necromancer because of the Zombies being closer.

The main unit of clanrats edged forward and wheeled to face towards the Cairn Wraiths and Black Knights. The third unit of clanrats tried to get into a position where they could block the Black Knights charge against the Jezzails but couldn't quite make it.

The routed Rat Ogres failed to rally and went home.

Magic Phase: The Grey Seer attempted to cast Cracks Call towards the Black Knights, but the Vampire Lord dispelled it, so he put Bless with Filth on the Rat Ogres. The Warlock Engineer hit the Zombies with a Scorch spell, wiping out twelve of them. The Plague spell form the Plague Priest was dispelled.

Shooting Phase: The Doomwheel Zzzzapped! 3 Zombies. The Warplock Jezzails opened fire on the Black Knights, with the Sharpshooter blowing himself up with Unstable Ammunition, and the rest managing to kill a single Knight. The Warpfire Thrower got a good roll, managing to hit and wound one of the Black Knights, which made its armour save. The Poisoned Wind Mortar scored a direct hit on the Wight King, who made his Look Out Sir! roll, though the Hell Knight wasn't so lucky. The Hell Knight and two Black Knights were destroyed.

Close Combat Phase: The Bat Swarms killed the Ratling Gun crew but failed to wound the Warlord who had made way to fight them. The General inflicted a total of 1 wound on the bats, who after CR were left with one swarm with 3 wounds left.

In the Skeleton Warriors combat, the Vampire killed two Night Runners. The two remaining Night Runners directed all their attacks on the Vampire, hitting twice but failing to wound. The Rat Ogres smash 3 Skeletons. The skeletons finish off the Night Runners and fail to wound the Rat Ogres, who roll insane courage and stay and fight. The Vampire then makes a tactical blunder by not reforming, concerned about a flank charge by the Stormvermin and forgetting that it is the Vampire Counts turn next.

The Cairn Wraiths have a bad round, getting a single hit and rolling a 1 to wound. A Wraith crumbles to dust and the second takes a wound.

Vampire Counts Turn 3


Movement Phase: The Spirit Host charged the Stormvermin. The Zombies charged into the flank of the Doomwheel. The Black Knights charged the Jezzails, which didn't get the chance to stand and shoot due to failing their Terror test from the Wailing Banner and fled off the board. The Black Knights successfully redirected their charge into the clanrats that were fighting the Cairn Wraiths.

The Black Coach moved round behind the Stormvermin, heading towards the weapon teams and the main clanrat unit. The Crypt Ghouls reformed to face the rear of the Doomwheel.

Magic Phase: The Winds of Magic were almost becalmed. After channels, the Vampire Counts had 3 Power Dice to the Skaven's 4 Dispel Dice. As a result, all of their casting attempts were dispelled. Only the Black Coach benefited from the Magic Phase, gaining augmented strength from the Evocation of Death.

Shooting Phase: The Banshee managed to kill a single clanrat with her Ghostly Howl.

Close Combat Phase: The Bat Swarms and Spirit Host kill 2 Stormvermin. The Warlord inflicts 1 wound on the remaining Bat Swarm. The Warlock Engineer, being the only model in contact with the Spirit Host that could wound it, missed with his Warplock Pistol. The Bat Swarm crumbles and the Spirit Host is left with 1 wound remaining.

In the Skeleton Warriors combat, the Rat Ogres destroy 5 skeletons and take a wound. 5 more skeletons crumble.

Despite failing their Fear check, the clanrats manage to kill a Black Knight. In return, 8 clanrats are slain. The clanrats break and run to within an inch of the battlefield edge. The Cairn Wraiths and Black Knights restrain from pursuit and reform, the Cairn Wraiths facing the main unit of clanrats, and the Black Knights turning to face the third clanrat unit. This turns out to be a major blunder.

The Doomwheel grinds a zombie, while the crew wipe out another two. The zombies attacks are totally ineffective and lose another one to CR despite the flank charge. The Doomwheel reforms to face the zombies.

Skaven Turn 4


Movement Phase: Main clanrat unit charges the Cairn Wraiths. Clanrat unit 3 charges the Vampire Lord.

The second unit of clanrats rally.

The weapon teams move away from the front of the Black Coach. The Poisoned Wind Mortar moves up and out of the charge arc of the Black Coach. The Warpfire Thrower moves into position ready to fire at the Black Coach if it moves towards the clanrats, and diverting it temporaily if it is itself charged.

Magic Phase: Scorch gets dispelled. Death Frenzy is successfully cast on the clanrats that charged the Vampire Lord.

Shooting Phase: The Doomwheel misfires, but rolls Out of Control on the misfire table (which has no effect if it is in combat). The Poisoned Wind Mortar fires a shot at the Necromancer, which goes wild and lands somewhere in the top left corner of the battlefield.

Close Combat Phase: The Warlock Engineer hits but fails to wound the Spirit Host. In return, the Spirit Host fails to get a single hit. The Spirit Host is overwhelmed and the stormvermin reform into a horde formation and turn to face the Skeleton Warriors.

The Rat Ogres take out three skeleton warriors without taking any wounds themselves, and two more skeletons fall to CRumble.

The Doomwheel takes out 3 zombies and two more collapse.

The Shroud of Dripping Death finishes off the Cairn Wraith and the Plague Priest silences the Tomb Banshee with his Sword of Might. The clanrats overrun into the rear of the Black Knights.

The Vampire Lord slices up four of the enraged clanrats. Out of sixteen attacks, the clanrats score five hits, one of which causes a wound against which the Vampire Lord made his armour save. The Vampire Lord loses CR by one and takes a wound. At the end of the Close Combat phase, he rolled a 6 for The Hunger, regaining his wound. Surprisingly, he rolled double 6 for reform, so still has 15 angry rats in his flank.

Vampire Counts Turn 4


Movement Phase: The Black Coach charges into the flank of the second clanrat unit, who pass their Terror test. The Crypt Ghouls continue to try to get back into the battle.

Magic Phase: The Black Coach begins to glow with green witch-fire and a shroud of unnatural darkness surrounds it. The Vampire casts The Enfeebling Foe on the Stormvermin. The Necromancer gets a 12" Invocation of Nehek off, raising 7 Skeleton Warriors and 9 Zombies. The Vampire Lord uses 6 dice to try for Invocation of Nehek, but the Skaven use all 7 of their dispel dice and Irresistibly Dispel it. With one dice left, the Vampire Lord tries to cast Vanhel's Danse Macabre but rolls a 2.

Close Combat Phase: The Rat Ogres pound three skeletons and another one crumbles from ComRes.

The Black Coach kills 6 clanrats with impact hits. The Cairn Wraith kills just one more clanrat. The remaining three break and run, the Black Coach pursues and runs them down.

Against the Black Knights, the Shroud of Dripping Death takes one out. The Chieftain gets a lucky kill. The Plague Priest inflicts three wounds, only one of which is saved against. The Wight King gets to strike and kills two clanrats. The clanrats get lucky and kill the last Black Knight, but they fail to wound the Wight King, whose horse kicks a clanrat into the middle of next week. Combat Result is +9 to the Skaven, so they trample the Wight King back to hell as they overrun into the combat against the Vampire Lord.

The Vampire Lord kills another four Death Frenzied clanrats without taking any unsaved wounds, and takes two wounds from losing combat.

The Doomwheel destroys a total of 3 Zombies, the remainder of which claw uselessly at the machine as another one crumbles.

Skaven Turn 5


Movement Phase: The Stormvermin charge the Skeleton Warriors head on. The Warpfire Thrower rotates to fire at the Black Coach.

Magic Phase: The Skaven end up with 3 dice after channelling and use them to dispel The Enfeebling Foe on the Stormvermin. The Vampire Counts have 2 dice, try to dispel Death Frenzy and fail.

Shooting Phase: The Doomwheel rolls a 2 for the strength of its bolts and fails to wound a single zombie.

The Warpfire Thrower lightly toasts the back end of the Black Coach, doing no damage.

The Poisoned Wind Mortar fires another blind shot at the Necromancer and gets THE LUCKIEST SHOT EVER!!! The shot goes wild and lands right on top of the Vampire Lord, taking away his last wound. Five clanrats are also killed in the blast, three in the horde and two of the frenzied. The clanrats are so busy celebrating bringing down the General that they forget to take their reforms.

Slain General crumble checks:

Skeleton Warriors pass
6 Zombies collapse
5 Crypt Ghouls cease to exist

The Necromancer perishes (The only other Lore of Vampire character that could hold the army together)

Close Combat Phase: The Vampire issues a challenge, which the Warlock Engineer (bravely?) accepts. He doesn't last long, giving the Vampire a +1 overkill and his Warpstone Armour proves ineffective. The Stormvermin and Rat Ogres destroy a total of nine skeletons and five stormvermin are slain. Four more skeletons crumble from CR.

The Doomwheel grinds one zombie and the crew fail to cause any wounds. The zombies get their usual zero wounds on the Doomwheel. Combat Resolution is a draw, with the musician making this a +1 win to the zombies. The Doomwheel fails its break test, turns around and drives straight into the building behind it, taking 4 wounds from the collision. The zombies lumber behind, trying to catch up to it.

Four frenzied clanrats collapse and die.

Vampire Counts Turn 5


Army Disintegration

1 Skeleton Warrior collapses in a pile of bones
3 Zombies crawl back into their graves
2 Crypt Ghouls shuffle off home

Movement Phase: The 2 remaining zombies charge the fleeing Doomwheel, forcing it to smash itself to pieces on the side of the building.

The Crypt Ghouls continue their pointless trek towards whats left of the battle.

The Black Coach turns to head towards the weapon teams and stormvermin.

Magic Phase: The Black Coach goes Ethereal and howling winds allow it to fly. The Vampire attempts to cast Melkoth's Mystifying Miasma on the Stormvermin. This is dispelled by the Grey Seer, not wishing to let the Blood Forest have a feeding frenzy on the Stormvermin. Spirit Leech is then successfully cast, draining the life out of the crew of the Poisoned Wind Mortar.

Close Combat Phase: The Vampire issues another challenge. This time the Fangleader steps up and the Vampire gets a +1 overkill. 6 skeletons are slain by the Stormvermin and Rat Ogres, and 2 Stormvermin are slain. Four more skeletons crumble from CR.

Skaven Turn 6

Movement Phase: The clanrat horde reforms to face towards the Black Coach. The remaining Death Frenzied clanrats advance towards the rear of the Skeleton Warriors. The Warpfire Thrower places itself in front of the Black Coach to prevent it from charging the Stormvermin.

Magic Phase: With nine Power Dice, the Plague Priest casts Plague on the Black Coach using three of the dice. The Black Coach passes its Toughness test and shrugs the spell off. The Plague Priest rolls a 5 and chooses to end the spell. Next, the Grey Seer puts all six remaining dice into casting Cracks Call towards the Black Coach and gets Irresistible Force. The Black Coach is swallowed up by the earth and destroyed. The Miscast result is a Magical Feedback. The Grey Seer makes his ward save, and the Plague Priest takes a wound.

Shooting Phase: No viable targets.

Close Combat Phase: The Vampire issues another challenge. The Warlord decides to lead by true example from the back of the pack. The Vampire then slays three Stormvermin. The rest of the Stormvermin and the Rat Ogres finish off the Skeletons. The Vampire is then overwhelmed in Combat Resolution and torn apart.

Two more clanrats in the Death Frenzied unit collapse, leaving just the Clawleader and Standard Bearer.

Vampire Counts Turn 6

Army Disintegration:

Last two zombies cease to be
3 Crypt Ghouls desert to go bone chewing

Movement Phase: Crypt Ghouls attempt to charge the Death Frenzied clanrats, needing a high roll, and roll a 2 and a 1.

Magic Phase: No wizards left.

Close Combat Phase: No combat.

End of game.

Victory Points

Vampire Counts

Dead or Fled:

Slain General:

Seized Standards:


Skaven win by 1,481 points.

17-07-2013, 22:58
I don't want to interrupt, but the VC player has just deployed his Vampire Lord on his own, away from any units that can give a look out sir roll, against a Grey Seer, an Engineer and 6 Jezzails? That would make me sweat, for sure. And without a ward save!

Bring on the actual battle report! :)

17-07-2013, 23:04
I don't want to interrupt, but the VC player has just deployed his Vampire Lord on his own, away from any units that can give a look out sir roll, against a Grey Seer, an Engineer and 6 Jezzails? That would make me sweat, for sure. And without a ward save!

Bring on the actual battle report! :)

same thing i thought, in this day I don't think I'd ever deploy a vamp on his own even with the ward lol

Wilhelm das Blutige
17-07-2013, 23:24
I don't want to interrupt, but the VC player has just deployed his Vampire Lord on his own, away from any units that can give a look out sir roll, against a Grey Seer, an Engineer and 6 Jezzails? That would make me sweat, for sure. And without a ward save!

Bring on the actual battle report! :)

The Jezzails didn't have LOS on the first turn because of the hill in front of them. Not sure if he was in range of any spells or missile weapons, but yes, putting him out on his own wasn't a good idea.

This was a friendly game, and my opponent was a bit inexperienced with playing Vampire Counts. In the after game analysis I pointed out that he would have fared better if he had put his vampire lord with the black knights when he had the chance.

I'll try to put the pics up of the positions after each game turn. (Providing I can figure out how to get them posted at a decent size to be seen clearly).

19-07-2013, 02:39
I do not know if it's a typo, but you cannot have two Talismans of Endurance in your army.

Wilhelm das Blutige
19-07-2013, 09:16
I do not know if it's a typo, but you cannot have two Talismans of Endurance in your army.

Well spotted. It's a typo.

The Grey Seer had a Talisman of Preservation.

I'll make the change.

19-07-2013, 10:40
I was quite impressed by that successful Hunger roll on Skaven turn 4. I suspect only a tiny minority of VC players remember that rule, let alone manage to benefit from it.