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17-07-2013, 23:03
So i'm going to be entering an escalation league soon and it starts at 500 points. Wow I have found it hard to settle on something! My army only consists of an island of blood set and 12 spearmen. I wanted to try to use as much of these units as possible. I would maybe consider buying one box of things to add. But only as long as they were useful at higher points. I'm really tempted by sisters of avelorn because they are one of my favourite units. This is the list i've come to at the moment:

Level 1 maybe 2 mage (to fit the points in for level 2 i would have to drop some points as I have like 27 spare)

14 Lothern Sea Guard w/ Standard

10 Swordmasters with Standard

5 Sisters of Avelorn.

I'm sure I could get more bang for my buck but being so new to high elves and so short on money im not too sure where would be best to go!

17-07-2013, 23:29
500 points is a weird value; its not really enough for magic as if you manage a mage a level 1 doesn't offer much due to the dispel dice.

If you only have one spell he'll use all his dice, forcing you to 6-dice your spell to cast it miss-casts an issue. Level 2 is *just* possible but IMHO for 500 leave the magic at home.

Going from the IoB list:

Seaguard in such a small unit means you are paying 20% more points for a 5+ save only; you'll be much more effective in a unit of 27 28 seaguard "mini-horde" or dropping SG for archers 12 longbows for the same price for 10 bowsis a much better deal.

Units which work well in 500 point games:

Repeater bolt thrower
5 swordsmen, no command
Lion chariot

Example list:
7 reavers spear/bow
Lion chariot
Repeater bolt thrower
Noble on steed heavy armour/shield
7 swordmasters

500 points exactly ; all units a threat at 500pts and doesn't pander to the "horde or go home" thinking.

17-07-2013, 23:55
Hmm I do quite like the sound of it. Bit worried about skaven hordes of slaves but I guess that is always going to be a problem. Also would need to buy quite a few models but I assume archers, bolt thrower, noble and chariot would be useful at higher points too. Dont want to buy things just for this points range.

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18-07-2013, 00:13
You should be able to dance around over-sized units concentrating fire on his warmachines. You'll not face a grey seer at 500 and any characters he'll bring any of you units can take out due to ASF.

Take out his catapult / warp lightning cannon FIRST.

Next take out / multibolt weapon teams with reavers, the only weapon team which can move and shoot is poison wind mortor so if he hides it it's going to miss. The rest force them to move or di and they can't shoot.

Slaves ignore for now and try and get round to take out general, then *any* charge in flanks will destroy them (look out for exploding, although you can ignore slaves if possible).

If he goes for a full horde delay for as long as possible then charge with everything you'll take it Don before it attacks back.

Above all use your mobility to hit his flanks no strength in numbers bonus then.

The list I suggested is very VERY mobile and also a good investment for larger games you'll find both to your advantage against skaven.

18-07-2013, 08:02
I see what you mean. I assume the noble sits with thr reavers and hsrrasses the back line? Definitely food for thought here! Much appreciated

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18-07-2013, 16:43
For 500 using mostly IOB, you could do:

Lv 2 mage
20 x LSG with F/C
5 x Reavers (naked)
Great Eagle

Edit: You can even proxy the IoB Griffon as the Eagle if you want...
Edit 2: Revised as my math was off...

19-07-2013, 09:39
That is using a lot more IoB stuff! I've kind of conceded to the fact I'm going to have to pay some money to be useful at this points. Only thing I'm thinking of changing from list above is lion chariot for skycutter. Not for effectiveness but because im trying to keep a lothern theme where I can.

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23-07-2013, 22:30
Am I right in thinking putting the noble in with reavers would make them lose fast cav? Thinking of switching lion chariot for skycutter and putting noble on foot and giving him an item with spare points. Dont know if this will actually be a good idea! Reason for skycutter is at higher points im looking at a bit of a lothern theme if its viable

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28-07-2013, 18:56
in such a small game dont go spamming heroes ...they take away points you can use on troops

28-07-2013, 19:28
Going slightly fluffy in my latest list.

2 x 10 seaguard
Bolt thrower

Not sure about noble or mage but either will be pretty naked.

I know its not going to be very competitive but I like the idea od a theme and I have all the models :D

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28-07-2013, 20:00
I would at the very least combine the seaguard units. You're paying all of those extra points for spears and Martial Prowess; you may as well put them to use.

28-07-2013, 20:38
Fair point. Now too sure why I did put them separately. It was quite late at night I changed it :p

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11-08-2013, 22:14
So I'vr come up with two quite similar lists. One I have all the models for and one that I would need one box for. They are as follows:

List 1:
Level 1 mage with high magic, talisman of preservation and ruby ring of ruin

15 seaguard with champ and standard bearer

Skycutter with bolt thrower

5 sisters of avelorn

List 2:

Noble on steed with barding, heavy armour, lance, enchanted shield and ironcurse icon

8 silver helms with champ and standard

Skycutter with bolt thrower

5 sisters of avelorn

The sisters in either list can be exchanged for a bolt thrower. Seem to have more luck with sisters though. I know the skycutter is not optimal but I really like the model and want to get to use it. Could use a lion chariot instead.

I've learnt a skaven opponent is going to be taking 2 x 24 slaves and 25 clanrats. That makes me very scared.

Any opinions appreciated!

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11-08-2013, 23:43
Wow im going to triple post now. The more I think about it the less I like taking a mage. Its just going to miscast. I was thinking the first list putting a noble with various items instead. Or a sea helm as I have the model :)

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13-08-2013, 08:03
No one has any opinions? :(

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