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19-07-2013, 14:35
Here are my fan-rules for a bonesinger, for use with the limited edition models or one of the old Rogue Trader musician models. They use telekinesis rather than telepathy as they need to move large bits of wraithbone and armour around.

Bonesinger (65 points)

WS4, BS4, S3, T3, W2, I5, A1, Ld9, 4++, (In, Ch)

Equipment: Rune Armour, Shuriken Pistol, Sirensong Instrument

Special Rules: Psyker (Mastery 1), Independent Character, Battle Focus, Ancient Doom, Fleet

Mastery Level 2 25 points
Bonesingers generate powers from the Runes of Battle and Telekinesis disciplines. With the Runes of Battle, bonesingers treat Destructor/Renewer as Primaris and Conceal/Reveal as result 1.

Sirensong Instrument
The Bonesinger may expend a warp charge at the beginning of the movement phase following the same rules as a Blessing psychic power, targeting a vehicle within 12". If successfully cast he then rolls a D6.

1: If the vehicle has had its armour values reduced, it is restored to the armour values to its normal value.
2-4: Restore either one hull point lost earlier in the battle or remove an immobilised result, plus the effects of result 1.
5-6: Repair a Weapon Destroyed result, plus the effects of result 2-4.

In close combat, it is treated as a Witchblade.

19-07-2013, 17:37
I really like this. When you say, plus the effects of (the earlier results), do you mean to say it can, on a 6, repair a weapon destroyed, fix either a hull point or immobilized, and restore armor values?

What slot do they take? And are they one-per?

Little nitpick: the model doesn't have a pistol does it? :P

Son of Sanguinius
19-07-2013, 21:11
Really nice work, Poseidal. Simple and smooth.

My only issue is that I think the vehicle repair should be done in the Shooting phase, as is the case with Blessings of the Omnissiah.

22-07-2013, 06:39
I was thinking about the phase and I almost put it in the shooting phase. It's just the blessing rules are already there and cover it, and it tests more like a psychic power.

Result 1 basically doesn't do much (I can think of only one unit that can permanently damage armour values).

I'm not sure which slot it should go in, either elites like a Techmarine or as an HQ (but maybe he's too good as an HQ?)

I didn't notice about the pistol. It's generally only special characters who don't get pistols for non aspect character models, so is in line with the others (a few models have pistols and the rules don't give them one also, so it works both ways). The Rogue Trader musician has a pistol holster though, and you could say the pistol is concealed in the robes.

25-07-2013, 20:23
I'm not entirely sure destructor/renew and conceal/reveal need to be switched within Runes of Battle. The Sirensong Instrument already has the capability of restoring hull points on vehicles, which is where its focus would be. Healing characters does not necessarily reflect the core principle of the Bonesinger, it feels somewhat of an excessive change.

You could always ditch the pistol and make the instrument count as a close combat weapon :3 All the eldar characters do seem to be married to their pistols, though.