View Full Version : Alliances using evil armys

21-07-2013, 11:49
Hi guys, just bought the new rule book, and was hoping for some clarrification on the alliance rule.

Can I join Vampire counts with Dark elves and use Dark elf spearmen as my core choice, while still having a vampire lord as my general?

21-07-2013, 13:04

Alliances take 2 or more armies, built following the normal requirements, and make them a team.

So the VC army and the DE army will need to be complete armies in and of themselves.

21-07-2013, 13:26
Maybe consider playing Storm of Magic rules. There are options for either summoning a unit like the Dark Elf spearmen or to field a sizable vampire host in a dark elf army without making use of the alliance rules.

Besides alliance rules for VC+DE will cripple their magic phase