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21-07-2013, 22:37
I'm a long time chaos marine player trying to expand my portfolio, I've got about 1000 points in both daemons and orks and I'm trying to decide which of them I'd like to expand into an actual army. Suggestions? Comments? Quick rundowns on the strengths and weaknesses of both forces?

22-07-2013, 10:14
Well, in my opinion Daemons are the ultimate Glass Hammer army;- very fast and can hit hard in assault, but very fragile now and rely on a limited number of unreliable "tricks" to stay alive until they reach charge range. Also I am not a great fan of the new codex as it has the typical number of useless units, some issues with being too random (although to be fair in the previous codex you could just lose your 250 point greater daemon to a deepstrike mishap - now you can lose him to an angry chaos god but he has better odds) and seems like it should be a ROFLstomp for Grey Knights now (though some daemon players claim to be able to consistently beat GK I don't know if they are just the vocal minority; everything in the codex screams "setup")

Orks have better all round balance and can be melee hordes, shooty hordes, elites-based, shooting heavy or just plain chaotic. Plus they will get a new codex soon, so I think the Orks have it on balance in my opinion as a mainly daemon player with a few Orks (its always possible that the new codex will be duff but at least you get the excitement of getting one...)


22-07-2013, 13:57
I'd go with orks. This is the edition of shooting, and daemons can hardly shoot at all, let alone well.

23-07-2013, 00:00
I play both.
I enjoy playing both.

I play mono nurgle. I play all types of ork forces.

I think its easier to win with my Daemon army but I think Orks are a safer bet. Less chaotic and they will get a dex within a year. Over all they have really solid choices in their dex.

I fear however....the new ork codex will be un-reasonably random and chaotic.

23-07-2013, 01:20
I've played both. Right now I'd go with da' Orks. They are just way too much fun to play: Rumbling across the battlefield all Mad Max style, tons of big guns blazing away, lots of character.

Proxying my fantasy deamons for 40k, they were .. meh. Whatever. I didn't enjoy playing them. Maybe I just didn't get it and you will but .. they bored me. The codex bores me.

We'll see when the new Orkszees come out if this holds.

23-07-2013, 06:12
Deamons can be very powerfull, on this week tournament I saw 2 deamon army's obliterate pretty much anything. 5 big deamons and around 20 little ones is all you need. Lot of army's won't be able to deal with 5 flying ones who will be on in your face turn 2 max!

Lord Squidar
23-07-2013, 06:20
I play both too, funny how we all chose the same combo?

I'd say daemons are still one of those armies which are unforgiving to mistakes at higher levels of play, the randomness can leave you with absolutely brutal flying monstrous creatures, or really expensive weak ones. You can eliminate the randomness from your sergeants by assuming they take the default gifts (the best ones anyways) but it still pretty random.

Orks are a pretty solid codex, but at the moment lacking some of the 6th edition mechanics which have been built into the newer ones, plus the army wide rule is next to useless in this edition, except on dakka jets which are amazing in the waaagh! turn.

Dont forget that both these armies are actually now high model count horde armies (daemons less so) but you wont get away with having as few models as marines.

23-07-2013, 14:43
Dont forget that both these armies are actually now high model count horde armies (daemons less so) but you wont get away with having as few models as marines.

I think you can still run a Meganobz based army for a very Elite Ork force ... unless you can only ever get 1 meganobz unit to be troops, but I'd need to check that. Might not be the best army since if your delivery mechanism gets shot up those meganobz will never make the enemy objectives...