View Full Version : Looking for advice on how to build an empire list around a griffon.

22-07-2013, 03:12
Here's what I'm thinking:

2500 Pts - Empire Roster

General: Arch Lector
1 War Altar of Sigmar (Chariot; Large Target; Stubborn; Swiftstride)
1 Charmed Shield

1 General of the Empire, (Hand Weapon; Full Plate Armour)
1 Imperial Griffon (Causes Terror; Flyer; Large Target; Thunder Stomp)
1 Sword of Anti Heroes
1 Enchanted Shield
1 The White Cloak of Ulric
1 Ironcurse Icon

38 Halberdiers, (Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Halberd; Light Armour)
1 Sergeant (Hand Weapon; Halberd; Light Armour)
7 [Det] Archers (Hand Weapon; Bow; Skirmishers; Volley Fire)

39 Halberdiers, (Musician; Standard Bearer)
1 Sergeant
6 Archers (Detachment)

1 Great Cannon, 120 pts

1 Battle Wizard, (Level 2 Upgrade; )
1 Dispel Scroll
1 The Lore of Light

Captain of the Empire (Battle Standard Bearer), (Hand Weapon; Full Plate Armour; Shield; Battle Standard Bearer)
1 Dragonhelm
1 Luckstone
1 Crown of Command

4 Demigryph Knights Mus; Standard Bearer Std;
1 Gleaming Pennant

4 Demigryph Knights Mus; Standard Bearer

1 Steam Tank

1 Battle Wizard, (Level 2 Upgrade)
1 The Lore of Light

Composition Report:
Points of Lords: 623 (0 - 625)
Points of Heroes: 368 (0 - 625)
Points of Core: 625 (625 - Unlimited)
Points of Special: 629 (0 - 1250)
Points of Rare: 250 (0 - 625)

Total Roster Cost: 2495

23-07-2013, 19:26
This is a cool army! It's got some tough elements to it - but it's not all out busted broken as there are a lot of ways to make this list harder.

This is a great list - I like it a lot - run the Arch Lector as your general and your good to go!

Question - why two lore of light dudes? Is that to make sure you get a specific spell? I don't think you'll have enough power die to really make all 3 casters (well 2 wizzies and a lector) work well - so you're basically paying points for a model that can't be used. I'd rather take those points saved on one caster and spend it elsewhere.

Question 2 - if your wanting more options you can always change out a unit of birds for a unit of normal knights - or even Reiksgaurd - as much as everyone loves gryphs I love normal knights more - especially Reiksgaurd!

23-07-2013, 19:54
I really like the list, looks fairly competitive along with being a decent empire style with big blocks and detachments.

I was just wondering why you have such small detachments? Are they for redirecting?

One thing I would be worried a out is the Griffin being cannoned off in one shot. You only have two decent targets for enemy warmachines so you're likely to take a hit or two before getting in combat. The War Altar should be fine with the charmed shield and 4++ but Griffin with T5W5 5++ is an easy takedown. Two direct hits from warmachines will be wounding on 2+ and doing 2-3 wound each possibly taking it down in one turn. Just something to consider against those armies.

23-07-2013, 20:29
I'm going out on a limb by saying the 2 level 2 Light Wizards are there for Light buffs and to increase the strength of the War Alter's Banishment. I'm also going out on a limb and assuming that the 6-7 man archer detachments are there to disrupt, bunker, and redirect as needed as they are great at all three, just not all three at once.

There is only one glaring weakness I can point to and that is the lack of ward save for the Arch Lector as the War Alter no longer provides one. This may have been an oversight as it used to in the last edition. As such, I doubt you need to be told that this guy really really needs the extra save. I'd call the Griffon a glaring weakness but, well, the title says it all.

So far I think it's really spot on for everything you're looking for. The only thing I might go so far at doing is dropping the Steam Tank for a Cannon and Helblaster and then finding points for an engineer. Warmachines really are the big threat on the table for the Griffon and accurate cannon fire is one of if not the best ways of handling opposing warmachines. If you were going to go that route, you could drop the crown of command, the dispel scroll, gleaming pennant and an archer to pay for the engineer. Not sure on the exact points, you may need to drop the luck stone as well. This would be a slightly better way to field the Griffon, which by your title is important, than it's being fielded now as it gives you the fix you need while keeping things relatively the same.

23-07-2013, 21:26
I thought that was the case with the arch lector but wasn't sure. Will re-work a bit.

The thing the arch lector does, is give me a general who isn't the griffon lord (so I can be a bit more free with the griffon). I could drop him off the pope-mobile and put him in a unit for a dif't type of protection, and switch out the pope-mobile for a buff-wagon, but I think that hurts my magic phase and doesn't net me that much.

I can't drop anything in core as I'm at my min already, but I could drop other stuff. Having faced empire, I'm more scared of a stank than another cannon/helblaster, but maybe I shouldn't be? I could certainly field 2 cannons and a helblaster. I figured that in any match where I'm fighting cannons, the stank gives me a 10 wound cannon that can also shoot war machines? (albeit with limited range)

And yeah -- archers are to put wizards in, to run around, and to generally annoy people. They don't have much purpose beyond that.

23-07-2013, 21:38
You're right, the pope-mobile does add a lot to your magic phase. What it really does is give you a souce for hatred that can't be killed off in combat with a block. That's huge as with our low initiatives we are almost always striking second and t4 with 2 wounds isn't very surviveable. I'd keep the pope-mobile as it's a great inclusion.

You are right to be more scared of the stank than a cannon/helblaster. The problem here is the Griffon is more scared of warmachines than your opponent is scared of a stank. Since the list is how to build around the Griffon, it needs proper protection from opposing warmachines. Best tool for that is a well placed cannon shot and with engineers, we have some of the best. While the stank does come with a cannon, it is not an accurate one. Accuracy is key here as you need to get opposing warmachines off the table ASAP if the Griffon is to survive, so in this list, the extra range and engineer takes the cake. I suggested the Helblaster as it will give the engineer something to do after those threats are dealt with.

And yeah -- archers don't really need a purpose beyond that because that's amazing. :D

23-07-2013, 21:55
Okay, so, if I give the griffon rider a simple lance, I can get a 5++ on the arch lector (a 4++ of any type takes me over my points cap, although I guess I could drop the 6++ on the griffon and squeeze it in -- does the white cloak affect the mount?)

I have a cool custom stank too, so want an excuse to keep it in, but will try both ways :D