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23-07-2013, 03:57
Looking to pick up my first army transport and I've decided to go with Battle Foam and I need a recommendation. I've 90 percent decided on the PACK 720 but I was able to look at the PACK Air in a store this weekend and I am a little torn. Can any one recommend one bad over the other?

I will be primarily transporting an IG army so lots of tanks.

02-08-2013, 20:06
A guy at my store has a 720 and it is alright. The problem is that you are stuck carrying what is essentially a square box with a handle in the middle. If you are just pulling it out of your trunk and walking a few meters to the place where you play then it really doesn't matter. However, if you are traveling with this thing on a bus or subway it looks like it will bounce off your leg/thigh as you walk. The air is designed to be more of a stand alone bag that you can easily transport (thus why it is promoted as being a great carry-on bag for flights). Rather than being a box, it is longer but narrower - holding the same, but not as awkward.

If you have your heart set on battlefoam, I'd lean towards the air for practicality.

However, I myself own a KR multicase bag. The quality is great and their foam system is much more straight forward as it is broken into units. With each increase in bag size carrying 1 more unit than the previous (rather than trying to add up all these inches here and there). The biggest factor for me though was probably the most basic.... the bags are black. My bag has to come with me to the workplace and then on the subway to my local GW.... I don't feel like carrying around an olive green "battlefoam" bag with me in my business casual clothes.

Definitely worth checking them out (for you in particular look at the Kaiser3 and Kaiser4 - they will hold everything you need). I use a kaiser1 myself which holds: 25 firewarriors, 4 broadsides, 24 drones, 12 crisis suits (the bags I suggested for you hold 3x and 4x that respectively). Overall their bags are the exact same quality as battlefoam, a bit cheaper, designed to be carried around and not just stored in the back of a car - and most importantly black, so you don't have to advertise to the world that you are carrying around precious little battletanks/army men.