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24-07-2013, 17:21
A client of mine wanted to chrome out his tau so I thought I might as well post up the results! I've been using Spazz Stiks ultimate mirror chrome which you can find below:


I'm happy with the results so far however I'm far from happy with the photography! If anyone has any ideas as to how to photograph chrome without it going nuts I would be much appreciated as the models look far better in person...

Anywho here's some shiny happy Tau!


The gun drones point out just how much this army needs a contrasting base motif so I may end up actually giving them a real base rather than the clear GW ones. C&C welcome and especially some hints on photographing something so freakishly shiny.

24-07-2013, 20:13
Alright, first of all you've got some good stuff going on here. Loving the subtle glow effects from the blue lenses and such. At this point I can't tell if that's actually painted on or just reflected from the chrome paint. Either way it's a cool little effect. You're also right to say that the army needs a contrasting base to really make it pop. Personally I like replacing the flying stands with regular bases with good scenery.

Okay, now for the criticism. Your chrome is shiny as all hell, and while that's the selling point it also washes out all the little details. I think you might need a careful application of black wash into some of the more prominent recesses just to give the models a shadow. As a plus, I think that will have the added benefit of making the chrome pop more. Now, I realize that you're using a spray for the chrome, and that can make it a real risk to do something like this since you'll have a hard time fixing any mistakes. But if you're very careful I think it will work. I think there are chrome craft paints that you could use to correct the little errors here and there without it messing up the overall effect.

25-07-2013, 00:17
Thanks for the C&C I've gone back and forth on black washing the recesses and agree it might work but if it doesn't its a real pain to fix up! The glow effect is a simple air brush one rather than a reflection though it is augmented by the reflection. I really can't seem to get a photo that I like as you are right they are SHINY lol. I'll keep experimenting and see how it goes though thanks!

26-07-2013, 00:56
Wow very shiny!! Nice. A lot of great detail.

I agree with the others, a wash for the recesses will make the models pop even more, just try it on a test model. If you have an airbrush, cover one model with satin varnish then apply an oil wash. It takes a while to dry so you can easily remove if you don't like the look BUT also consider an edge highlight after the wash.

I think you'll find washing will really help your bigger models ie: devilfish /hammerhead. Look forward to seeing more.

29-07-2013, 18:39
Added some black lining to the armor and I'm pleased with the result so far. Not only that but I managed to take some decent pics this time!


Also started work on the Kroot squads which will have a noticeable contrast to their shiny happy mind controlled overlords:


Use your imagination to fill in the rest of the paint job until I do it...

30-07-2013, 08:01
Quite nice, not really to my tastes but everyone to there own I suppose.
Try Vallejo Model Air chrome for touch ups, that might work.
Also as a side note, I can't believe that company name Spaz-Stix, is that a play on spastics, if so then thats just....wrong.

01-08-2013, 00:39
Love the stripey kroot so far. Looking forward to seeing them finished, based, and put side by side with the chrome Tau for comparison.

07-08-2013, 06:15
For the most part the Kroot are the next big focus of work. Until then I've got a WIP on a few crisis suits and the Riptide. Unfortunately the head, weapons and shield on the riptide are not all finished yet so it may look a bit odd.


I won't lie without the bases these look and feel so boring to paint. They go from lame to fun only during the final steps its very odd indeed.

12-09-2013, 18:15
Finally had a few days to actually get some work done. The guy I'm painting theses for has been super patient and understanding so I thank him greatly. It's been a rough couple of months with a job change and more work than I can shake a stick at. Of course that makes it all the more difficult to NOT rush on these when I do get time to paint.

The kroot are finished finally and yet again I'm digging the autumn theme for this army. Sadly my camera was not as happy and had plenty of focus issues...

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-eodgihcwolw/UjIB66-dd_I/AAAAAAAAAgQ/BDjoScYoM2Y/s640/kroot+final.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-eodgihcwolw/UjIB66-dd_I/AAAAAAAAAgQ/BDjoScYoM2Y/s1600/kroot+final.jpg)

The riptide is fully finished. Of course its magnetized so he's not stuck with the burst cannon. Client wanted a dark heavy black wash on all the weaponry to make them stand out a little more.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-guK6DqCAeaI/UjIB65aO4xI/AAAAAAAAAgM/j1mys16-U8c/s640/riptide+final.jpg (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-guK6DqCAeaI/UjIB65aO4xI/AAAAAAAAAgM/j1mys16-U8c/s1600/riptide+final.jpg)

And the crisis suit team is finished with a full complement of weaponry as well.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-sCKzz1hZ8Nc/UjIB66cHsyI/AAAAAAAAAgc/tFW6GtnZvfU/s640/suits+new.jpg (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-sCKzz1hZ8Nc/UjIB66cHsyI/AAAAAAAAAgc/tFW6GtnZvfU/s1600/suits+new.jpg)

This first batch has been a bit of a pain to finish up but I would certainly be proud to field so many shiny happy smurfs!