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02-06-2006, 01:46
Okay, nicked my friends empire book for the weekas I'm considering an empire army. I cam up with this and I need some good old fashioned C&C, spare me no mercy.

Captain (general) with full plate, an enchanted shield and the sword of might.
-88pts (seemed like a cheap and cheerful guy)

Warrior Priest with great weapon and armour of meteoric iron
-129pts (I know they're not great but he adds a little bit of magic defense and I do love warrior priests. Plus it saves me from taking a mage)

Battle standard bearer with full plate and the griffon banner
-133pts (have the old special edition empire BSB lying around and he looks so good I would feel bad leaving him in the box)

25 Swordsmen with full command and a detachment of 12 swordsmen
-284pts (BSB and general go here)

25 swordsmen with full command
-200pts (warrior priest sticks with these guys)

6 Inner circle knights with a champion and musician
-180pts (these are the upgraded ones with full plate)

10 Handgunners

10 Handgunners
-80pts (Not sure whether to attach these to the swordsmen or not)

1 Mortar, 3 crewmen and the chance to ruin any elf players day

20 Flagellants with champion
-232pts (should be a rather nasty tarpit that won't require immediate help from the rest of the army)

Total: 1481pts if I can still use a calculator, leaving me 19pts.

Would deploy the 2 swordsmen blocks pretty much side by side (not literally side by side but close enough to share the BSB's re-rolls and flank charge anyone who engages the other unit if need be).

Flaggelants lined up to soak up the worst of the enemies charges (so they will be the most likely to be charged by chosen knights and the like).

The knights will sit on an appropriate flank to charge and negate the ranks of anyone who engage the main units, hopefully breaking them in the process.

Handgunners try to strip ranks and such.

Mortars will target any clumps of light horde infantry or skirmishers as a priority.

Of course this would all change depending on terrain, who I'm facing and whether I have my wits about me.

How does that sound, and what do the elector counts of the forum think of it?:)

Count William Grey
02-06-2006, 02:12
it seems okay, but i am concerned about the lack of magic defense and the lack of cannons.

02-06-2006, 02:48
In 1500pts how many cannon do you need? Not an empire player but my dwarfs do fine with one grudge thrower.

What would be your sugguestions to improve magic defense?

02-06-2006, 11:32
The list looks really sound, leave the gunners unattached from the swordsmen. My only real suggestion for an improvement is that because both swordsmen units have a character, BSB and warrior priest, I would put the captain in the knight unit, this will make them much harder hitting. I would also suggest making the priest the general as he has a better armour save so is less likely to die. Also if the captain charges off with knights he can hold the line. Don't worry about having a cannon in 1500 points, as there are not many big things around.

Hope this helps, LemonPotato

02-06-2006, 12:46

Well it isnīt a bad list ... but there are some points i would change.

- You need more magical defence. (3 dispell dice are very few with those nasty tzeenth, skaven skrye or High Elf armies in the ground). Options:
1. Drop the captain, add a sorcerer lvl 1 with 2 dispell scrolls (4 dices now and 2 automatic dispells).
2. Drop the captain, add other priest. Well it is not incredible but ... you would have 4 dispell dices.

- Handgunners. The champion with repeater gun or long rifle is automatic in my armies. Try and you will love him and his 3 shots of Hp 4

- Detachment. I will change the swordmen for militia, giving each swordmen unit a 10 militia unit.

- Knights. For supporting role, 5 is ok because it is not a shock unit but a flank unit.

Well this is everything in your list i will change, but with my empire I never leave home without at least 1 canon or those nasty archers that are explorers.


02-06-2006, 17:02
@Lemonpotato- My main worry is that the swordsmen wouldn't be able to hold till the knights charged next turn, but I guess the griffin standard would give me enough static combat res in most situations.

@Jisu- Which captain would you dump?

Also with militia isn't there a risk against more elite opponents of just giving away more combat res, for instance if I flanked a unit of saurus warriors the extra attacs they gained would more than make up for the lose of 2/3 static CR points.

At least swordsmen are WS-4 and have a 4+ save in combat. I'll certainly reduce their size to 10 though.

And consider the champions with repeater handgunner taken.

With the dropped knight and the 2 swordsmen that leaves me with 19pts again. Still not sure what to do about magic defense. Problem is a lot of the armies I play don't bother with any magic and some take as much as possible, so it's either not enough points of magic defense or too many.