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25-07-2013, 23:57
My gaming group plays semi regularly at the quite marvellous Tabletop Nation, usually taking over a few tables at a time, these are 8'x4' tables, joined end to end, so probably two or three tables making an area of 16'-24' x 4'.

Sometimes we finish are allotted campaign battles and have a silly contest to finish the game, like 500pts of HQ only choices doubles match up.

I thought it might be fun to have a 'race' with say 500pts of vehicles each racing each other to the end zone, one of the guys is an elder player, so definitely has an advantage in speed...

So my thoughts on the rules for such an encounter, please add suggestions.

The track is several tables long and uses the full width of the table, maybe 24" x 4" the objective is to 'race' from one thin end to the other in as brutal and 40K a fashion as possible.

- 500pts per 'race team' taken from any part of the codex. No fliers.
- Each 'race team' deploys in an randomly determined section of the first foot of the 'track' (say there are 4 teams, we each get a 1"x1" 'grid postion')
- Each turn all the players bid a number between 0 and 6, the lowest bid gets to move and shoot first, players then take turn according to the next lowest bid, any player may add the number they bid to the movement of one of their models, or any part in whole inches may be divided amongst several models (so a bid of 4, could mean 2 inches to a rhino and an extra inch to 2 separate bikes) - the purpose of this is to change up the turn order.
- Each player gets 500pt from any part of their codex as a 'support team' that may deploy anywhere on the 'track' after the first 4 feet (or enter from reserves if deepstriking, roll for turn as normal) they may move, shoot and assault as normal in their players turn, but cannot win the race.
- Any player at the beginning of their turn may sacrifice 3' of movement to regenerate a hull point or wound to any one model in their 'race team' (if the wound is regenerated in a unit the whole unit takes the movement penalty.
- All vehicles in the 'race team' must face the direction of travel, or take a 3" movement penalty for every 90 degree turn away from the direction of travel, this slows you down if you are in the lead and don't wan to expose your rear armour...
- All models in the 'race team' must start in deployment on the table, and may only leave the table by crossing the finishing line (I'm looking at you swooping hawks)

Victory is determined by multiplying the points of any models leaving the track at the opposite end of the track from their deployment zone, by the score for their race position (see below), or being the last player to have a surviving member of the 'race team' on the track.

Scores for race position are:

1st - 10pts
2nd - 6pts
3rd - 3pts
4th - 2pts
5th or lower - 1pt

So, kind of stupid. But could be fun. I've tried to make it so players have a few more tactical options than just heading flat out for the finishing line. There probably won't be much making it to the finish line, but anyone getting hammered can regenerate damage along the way.

Suggestions for rules and what would feature in your race team/support team gratefully received.

26-07-2013, 00:17
I like the concept, but I can't help but feel that Eldar and Dark Eldar will be horribly (And I mean jaw-droppingly) broken in it. Plus the facing rule and the 3' penalty wouldn't come into effect, I'd simply plonk down a bunch of skimmer-tanks facing backwards (Front to the other racers) and speed backwards for the entire race.

26-07-2013, 06:57
Hmm, definately a massive disparity between races, although the multiplying by survivers might mitigate it. I think vehicle like ravagers and wave serpents might rule the day. Especially the serpent as its quite tough too. I think i would go eldarbikes with a warlock for my team postition (36" move and 2+ jink) a wave sepent for fast moving fire. And dark reapers for my support force as the help negate enemies jinks.

My other armies just wouldnt bother.

Fab concept though, i remember playing a similar thing with eldar vs dark eldar. Plus there was gorka morka races.

26-07-2013, 10:36
Our gaming group had the same issue of how to use up the time at the end of the evening. We started Vyper racing (V1) as opposed to Formular 1 (F1). The rules are out of date now as it was for 3rd or 4th edition 40K but gets over your problem of different races having advantages in the race. Everyone uses an elder vyper or equivalent, giving skilled modellers a chance to make convertions for Chaos/Orks etc... All vehicles had the same speed and weaponry. We used a modified damage table, a circular track with penalties for going off course and random distance move each turn (1D6, 2D6 or 3D6). The main rule I remember was that the guns were not enabled until one lap was completed allowing vehicles to become spread out before shooting was possible.

26-07-2013, 17:48
Well that would certainly get around the problem of different races having distinct advantages, limit the whole race to one codex entry! I did want a bit more variety though.

Like the idea of laps... you could have a pit-stop to repair hull points. And the support team gets a chance to do some damage every lap.

Eldar jetbikes with Warlock do look like the most awesome option, we only have one Eldar player and I expect he'd have to absorb most of the shooting.