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27-07-2013, 12:25
After a hiatus (about my 10th in the last 18 years) I'm taking up the 'ol warhammer again. I'm deciding to start from scratch and on an army that I've always wanted to play but never have - Orcs and Goblins. So this list is a shopping list as much as it is an army list . I'm going for the old school style of O&G army where there's a big mix of everything to keep my modelling/painting side appeased, however I would like it to be relatively competitive for when I do venture out to play the odd game.

You'll notice that this list only adds up to ~1800pts so I'd like to use the 200pts for magic items, I just don't know what.<- With the current magic items it's now closer to the full ~2000pts

If you can see where I might need to level out or add/remove a unit let me know.

Black Orc Warboss 210pts Armour of Destiny 5/4+ ward
Night Goblin Great Shaman (lvl 4 wizard) 225pts Talisman of Preservation 4+ ward

Orc Shaman (lvl 2 wizard) 135pts Power Scroll
Orc Big Boss (BSB, additional hand weapon) 127pts Armor of Silvered Steel

Goblin Wolf Riders x 5 50pts
Goblin Wolf Riders x 5 50pts
Night Goblins x 49 (2 Fanatics, Mus, Std) 217pts <- Holds NG Great Shaman
Orc Big 'Uns x 28 (Mus, Std, additional hand weapon) 297pts <- Holds Shaman and Big Boss BSB Banner of Eternal Flame

Black Orcs x 19 (Mus, Std) 308pts <- Holds Black Orc Warboss Razor Standard
NG Squid Herd x 12 Squigs and x 4 NG 108pts

Mangler Squigs x 2 130pts
Stone Trolls x 3 135pts

Total: 1992pts

28-07-2013, 12:30
One thing Id suggest would be a Goblin Great Shaman rather than Orc, simply because the Little Waaagh has so many better spells compared to the big one (in my opinion). I'd recommend an Earthing Rod on the Orc shaman, just so he doesn't blow himself and all your expensive big uns up, and stick a dispel scroll on the other. I would also put some sort of magic armour that gives a ward save on the Warboss, as he's pretty set in terms of weapons, and I'd give him some sort of enchanted item that would help (I use potion of speed on my Warboss) and finally a ward save on your Great Shaman. Finally if you've got any points left you could put a magic banner on either the big uns or the black orcs.
So being specific:
Talisman of Endurance (whoever your Lvl four is) - 30pts
Earthing Rod (Orc Shaman) - 25pts
Scroll (Goblin) - 25pts
Armour of Destiny (Warboss) - 50pts
Potion of Speed (Warboss) - 5pts
Armour of Silvered Steel - 45pts (BSB)
Thats 180pts so you've got about 100pts left over, this is just what I'd use

28-07-2013, 13:34
Thank for the reply and the suggestions. I'll work them in to an updated list.

I've seen some nice Goblin Shaman models.