View Full Version : Where can I find the 4th edition Kill Team rules?

Moloch Sacrifice
27-07-2013, 22:51
Hey guys,
Back in the 4th edition rulebook, there was a section after the army gallery describing various optional rules. One of them was the kill team mission(s). I liked the idea of a small scale, stealth driven, assymetrical game of 40k focussing on a small band of characterful miniatures, but I never got round to playing it. I no longer own a copy of the 4th ed. rulebook, but does anyone know if I can find the rules online? I know there is a mission called kill team in the battle missions book, is this fairly similar?

27-07-2013, 23:10
The killteam rules were also in a WD (can't remember which) during 3rd ed, but have not been reproduced legally since the 4th ed book, to my knowledge. The rules in the Battle missions book are very different. Those are basically a minimal effort to turn 40k into a necromunda style skirmish game, rather than a heroes vs mook horde story mission.

28-07-2013, 07:41
You know in 6th editition there is the combat patrol mission p362

They are almost the same but do not include the silly no more than 2 wounds restrictions. They knackered armies unfairly

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