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29-07-2013, 17:07

I am working on a Tomb King List for Tournament play. By way of background, I played Tomb Kings a lot in 6th and 7th in league play and have a considerable collection. I haven't used them as much in 8th edition, thanks to the rapid release of my core three armies (TK, Ogres and VC) with my Ogres being the most suited to tourney play without many adjustments (i.e. I didn't need to paint much). I want to shift gears from ogres towards the Kings. My target tournament is Da Boyz GT in November. It is 2400 Points and has a variety of important comp restrictions, most notably that your second most expensive unit must be equal to at least 50% of your most expensive unit, excluding characters. The second notable is that the lists are open, so there is no hiding items or toys.

I am hoping for some feedback on anything from subtle tweaks to wholesale swaps, keeping the unit size limitation in mind.

My list and the reason for selection:
Arkhan the Black - A level 5 wizard that can carry dice to the casting phase provides a serious edge on offense and key defense in the magic phase. Death Magic is great for character removal.

Liche Priest - Level 2, Lore of Light, Dispel Scroll
Liche Priest - Level 2, Lore of Light, Ruby Ring - the pair of priests provide magic missile support, solid buffing, and the potential for very powerful banishment spells. I am concerned about the utter lack of Nehekhara spells and the lack of healing potential in the list. I am on the fence about switching one of the lores for Nehekhara. Thoughts?

2 x 6 Horse Archers with Champion - flexible distraction units that can potentially hunt for war machines as well. I have option for the champion torpedo formation to slow knight/monstrous cav down.
4 Chariots, Standard, Musician, Banner of Eternal Flame
25 Archers, Standard, Musician - Character bunker

2 x Warsphinx with Fiery Roar - tarpit/horde killers
2 x Scorpions - re-direction, war machine hunting, wizard assassins

Necrosphinx - monster-threatening beast in a way the warsphinx can't compare to. The speed difference from having flight is incredible.
2 x catapults - monsters/hordes/war machine hunters.
Casket of souls - a great choice for further boosting the magic phase.

Assumptions, strategies and such:
- the rules disparity between unstable and steadfast makes attempting to outgrind on the part of the undead a complete waste of time. Therefore, both skeletons and tomb guard are on the bench.
- my magic phase plan: casket on two dice, shem's gaze on one, shem's gaze on one, ruby ring on one, open up with Arkhan, if the death magic attribute generates dice consider the second spell of the priests. Amend approach as needed according to spell availability and need.

Other resources in my collection:
Lords/Heroes: Settra, Khalida, Prince Apophas, Tomb Prince/King with GW on foot, Tomb Prince/King with sword and shield on foot, Tomb Prince/King on Chariot with Flail. One more priest on foot.
Core: 50 Sword and Board Skeletons, 25 more archers, 3 more chariots.
Special: 40 Sword and Board Tomb Guard, 9 Ushabti with great weapons, 2 more scorpions, 6 carrion, 5 swarms, 6 NecroKnights, 3 Stalkers
Rare: 2 Colossus

So, what would you change? Are my assumptions flawed?


01-08-2013, 17:14
Hi Nate,
looking at your sig I am afraid that I'm a much less experienced player, since I play may TK army only occasionally. So please treat my input as material for brainstorming rather then The Word of Wisdom. :)

First, just asking: usually in comp TK have a higher points allowance, being one of the weaker WHFB armies. Also, usually named chracters are a no-go. I understand, this is not the case here, right? Unfortunately this might make your forthcoming fights even harder...

As for list:
Lords & Heroes - one of these Priests will be your Hierophant. As such, you will probably want the Lore of Nehekhara on him. Most TK comp lists I've seen have however an array of cheap 1 or 2 lvl Priests with Light for magic spamming and for exactly the reasons you mentioned. So in overall looks good. Maybe worth tuning into: 1 Lvl 4 High Liche Priest with Nehekhara as Hierophant and General, 1 Lvl 2 Liche with Light and 2 x Lvl 1 Liche priests with Light? Edit: I thought this through and withdraw: since named characters are legit, Arkhan could be an edge indeed. And Death is a great Lore - I play it with my DoC. Maybe would just add more 1 or 2 Liches for Light spells spam.
Core - I agree in general. I tend to keep my TK core as small as possible, usually just to protect my chracters just as you do.
Specal & Rare - Catapults and Casket - yes. And yes again. The rest? It looks like the burden of the close combat is on the Sphinxes. Will they cope? The enemy force in 2400 pts game will probably have some numerous troops, as well as warmachines. I would just not rely on monsters (with just a few wounds each) to deal with a 30 model horde being also cannon magnets. And with instability and your enemy having more ranks you might lose outhright due to combat resolution. That is why I would rely more on units like Tomb Guard supported by Necropolis Knights. Final thought - with all that casting don't you want a Hierotitan in your army? The colossus/bone giant model is accepted as one.

01-08-2013, 17:19
i was at warmasters this year, played in the doubles only, didn't have time to play in the singles.

so i'm just glad to see someone playing TK. it's rated one of the worst army books but it's gotta be one of my favourites. i guess the biggest problem will be that it's very slow. other then that if you can make them competitive all the power to ya, would love to play a game.