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30-07-2013, 01:31
So gonna start this thread with some space war 1 Macross/Robotech. I just finished my UN Spacy force. I used a mix of old Battletech minis and old Macross pencil sharpeners, and some fansculpts off of ebay. I only just accumulated enough of the raw pencil sharpeners to cover all the modes on the valkyrie squadrons. They just need to be painted up. These are in what I'm going to call true scale macross. The macross world is very inconsistent for scaling, but I'm taking scale based upon some of the events in the different series... mainly that a valkyrie can sit inside a Zentran battlepod. So all the basic sized models fit on 25mm bases, and MKII Monster on a dreadnaught base.

So here are the minis. There's a Strike Valkyrie squadron, 2 Destroid Companies, a normal Valkyrie squadron, a MKII Monster, Skull Leader, and a Elintseeker :

175344 175345 175346 175347 175348 175349

31-07-2013, 15:11
LOL. I did it the other way around. I use the bigger scaled Robotech models to model a Battletech force of "unseens" in 1/144 scale, 'cause I like miniatures of stompy robots each in the size of a 40k Dreadnaught. :-)

I like your painted miniatures. Very nice work!

02-08-2013, 16:24
thanks. On the scaling thing, I used to display, but now I like things to have a storage home. The problem with macross miniatures, is the valkyrie/transformable nature of some of the mechs. It means you've got to have three models for each valkyrie. When one gets off of something bigger than a 25mm base, you end up with a lot of redundant minis to represent modes. Couple that with my OCD, where every painted model should have its counterpart in the various modes, larger scales become problematic for storage.

05-08-2013, 22:48
Man those Robotech models bring back some funny memories...

24-04-2015, 22:24
well, as my large scale 40k plan comes to a climax (Grand imperial army, with a matching opposing grand chaos army), it's time to start going through ancient horde of goodies and try and reduce a good chunk of my unpainted mini collection. Here I present to you my Leading Edge Terminator Tech-Comm army. They are pretty small scaled, about the same size as the old star wars minis from the 90s. These are super expensive now, they go for about $100 for 8 of 'em, so I was lucky to get these guys, and a matching Skynet lot for about $150.

Just getting organized and seeing what I've got (haven't looked at them in years)


and here's a couple of Leading Edge Terminator minis I painted a while back:


And my Skynet Force:


24-04-2015, 23:14
Here's another lot of Leading Edge minis. Aliens Colonial Marines, I've got a finished power-loader squirreled away somewhere as well, just gotta find it

Fire-Team 1 I finished a while back:


Fire-Team 2 has been like this for a long time... notice Jonsey!:


a mint Queens and mint xenomorphs + their heads and back tubes:

211946 211947 211948

and this is my bag of old stuff collected since I was a 10 year old, same stuff, just older and more damaged... but I do have a large collection of eggs and face huggers (face huggers at this scale is ridiculous, but they exist!)

here's a shot for scale, they are ironically just about the right size for true scale in the opposite direction:


Finished off Deitrich, Vasquez and Jonsey:


26-04-2015, 22:00
Finished off the Colonial Marines, short two sentry guns and an APC of a full collection:


Next up, Xenomorphs, short only one xenomorph sculpt of a full collection (the one carrying a colonist off):


and Colonists:

29-04-2015, 10:45
Like the collection of Colonial Marines (& assorted hangers-on). All the stuff I wanted as a kid but couldn't afford back then.

29-04-2015, 19:52
Like the collection of Colonial Marines (& assorted hangers-on). All the stuff I wanted as a kid but could afford back then.

I saved up for months to get one of these when I was kid! They looked so good in their cover pics. Took me 20 to catch up in skill though lol. Also love that their packaging is a hard plastic carrying case with foam included.

here are the colonists, almost done, just need to do the egg, and all the bases:


30-04-2015, 06:38
I had the Leading Edge Aliens boardgame, but it only came with cardboard tokens and would have been so much cooler with the minis.