View Full Version : 2250 or 2500 orc and goblin list please help refine

30-07-2013, 07:26
This is my list,im not sure whether to settle with it or add some magic items and maybe a war boss on a boar as i have the bits for that alternatively i can add some other bosses or slightly alter what i have. Im definitely not looking to spend and more money so can only play with what i have.

Any advice is greatly appreciated

Lords and Heroes
Orc shaman
level 4

Night Great Goblin Shaman
level 2
Dispel Scroll

Black orc Big Boss
Battle Standard

orc big boss
great weapon

25 Orc Arrer Boys

42 orcs
Musician and Standard
Razor Standard

25 Goblins
Nasty Skulkers x3

40 Night Goblins
Nets, 1 fanatic
Musician standard

10 goblin wolf riders
Spear Shield

5 Spider Riders

Boar Chariot
Extra boy

2 Giants
Goblin Rock Lobber

07-08-2013, 11:17
You definitely want to upgrade your unit of orcs to Big 'uns, the extra weapon skill and strength is really useful. Also i've noticed you haven't taken champions in any of your units, is this because you will attach one of your Lords to the unit? I'd still take a champion and add the lord, you get an extra attack which should never be sniffed at! Personally i'm not a fan of goblins, but you should always take max fanatics in your night goblin regiment, they devastate enemies and if you get really lucky they can cause units to flee before you even get to combat. I'd lose one of your Giants, upgrade to big uns, take extra fanatics and take a champion for each unit.