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30-07-2013, 15:36
Tournament coming up and I would like some thoughts on the list

Daemon Prince 235 490
MoN +10 Level 4 +140 Flight +40 chaos armor +20
Chaos Familiar +25 Soul Feeder +10
The Trickser's Shard +15

Exalted Hero 110 195
MoN +10 BSB +25
Filth Mace +30 Talisman of Protection +15 Enchanted Shield +5

32 Chaos Warriors 14+2+1*32 579
MoN Full command +30 Gleaming Pennant +5

*4 Chaos Chariot 110 500
MoN +15

Skullcrushers of Khorne 75 234
Ensorcelled Weapons +3

2003 (over)

Idea is to have the DP go behind the lines and cause as much harm as he can
Putting the BSB with the huge Warriors unit saving the Gleaming Pennant for when I really need it
Chariots supporting each other and the warriors, hoping MoN will keep them in the fight longer when they need it
Skull Crushers for the hammer

30-07-2013, 15:41
Chaos Familiar and Skull of Katam are both Arcane items and you have a max limit of 1 per model. Also the skull is problematic on your General as it lowers his leadership if a 1 is rolled.

30-07-2013, 15:42
BUGGER you are right...
time to make changes... I knew it was too good to be true /cry

Edited the above list

31-07-2013, 05:50
The familiar is 25 points, why gleaming pendant? you have a BSB already i would go for +1 leadership banner.

01-08-2013, 18:19
Another reason I like to post the lists on warseer. I was thinking about using the pendant if the BSB died, (challanges can sometimes go very wrong) and that would be a huge loss if he died for some reason and I broke to a unit... (that was the thought process behind that) however +1 leadership would make sense... 9 LD over 8... but then I have to drop something because of points... I'll think it over. thank you for the input.

Updated the list

02-08-2013, 08:20
Well if your worried about the BSB survivability, try out

Exalted- BSB, Palaquin, tailsmen of protection, enchanted shield, Nurgles rot, either halberg or great weapon. very themy. has a 1+ 4+ and 4 wounds. cannon can be an issue but you would have to fail 2 4+ rolls for a connon to sink in (look out sir then ward save)

you can drop a few warriors for the points, that is a massive unit of warriors

02-08-2013, 13:48
I'd drop tOTS and familiar from DP and give him charmed shield, scaled skin, sword of striking and dragonbane gem. You don't really need that 5th spell or tOTS, whereas charmed shield helps a lot against cannons, stone throwers, amber's spears etc. stuff and dragonbane gem basically makes you immune to one dwarf cannon, DoC cannons, luminark's bound spell, searing doom, gehenna's golden hounds etc. I don't know about your local meta, but there's high chance that you will meet something of that list. Sword of striking isn't that important, but it halves your chance of missing, so I'd say it's definitely worth 15 points.

I'd drop warriors as you already have 25% in core without them and spend those 579 points in chimeras/another skullcrusher unit and hounds. If you really want to use warriors, split them into two units and buy standard of discipline for other one. That big unit will never reach good combats against decent opponent. Also, I'd change chariots' marks to slaanesh. They often have to get out of bsb's range, so being immune to panic is great ability.

06-08-2013, 20:03
Well tournament is the 17th.. Thankfully I did have a practice round before it... The list did good at the start, then (what I figured would happen) magic kind of had its way with it... Fun idea, not going to work...

Re building list, I'll post it soon, Thanks for the feedback above guys, I really appreciate it!