View Full Version : 1200 Point HE

31-07-2013, 06:37
This Month I got 1200 points, no special characters.

16x Archers
6x Silver Helms,w/High Helm & Shields
10x Dragon Princes w/Drakemaster & Standard
10x Phoenix Guard w/Keeper
2x Bolt Thrower
Archmage LV 4 w/Book of Hoeth and High Magic- or Life, not sure yet.

Plan is sit and shoot with 1 group of archers and 1 bolt thrower on each side-terrain depending. with the pg in the middle, archmage with them. put silver helms in front of pg to block normal shooting and use dp's as distraction/ flanking unit. Still trying to figure out my play style and not sure if this setup or the strategy will work, but open to any and all critique and help.