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31-07-2013, 22:08
I'm sure this has been posted before but I haven't seen anything recently, but I played a game a few days ago and some questions came up. My friend had his two wizards, a level four and a level two, in a unit of handgunners. I had seen the use of net of amyntok recently in a battle report where it was really helping keep the enemy magic phase tuned down. So for about three or four turns I got the net off on the handgunner unit. When it came time to cast spells my friend would take a strength test and fail it. He would then lose a few guys and then take another strength test. Now fortunately for me he kept failing and losing guys, but it didn't seem right that he could keep taking strength tests over and over, even I fit meant the unit was going to be of no threat to me anymore. The wording of the spell says "unable to perform the desired action". So what I'm being told by people it could go both ways. It could mean that the desired action for the unit is to cast spells so if the test is failed then no spells are cast. On the other hand it could mean that the desired action is that one spell that is trying to be cast and if it fails they take the test and try again to cast spells. I've looked around and not found a definite answer. I'd like to start using the lot of light more but if I do I want to be using it right. I have a sneaky feeling that we aren't going to find a solid answer :P.


01-08-2013, 00:15
I think the only real solution is to quit using that spell, due to it's terrible wording.

Failing that just use the most important rule, ie. roll a dice to see who gets to be right

01-08-2013, 16:56
I've always played it as if the str test is failed in the magic phase, then no spells are cast.