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01-08-2013, 09:29
The list has been done with the help of MLP.

My idea, as I collect mainly HE, was to have a competitive army to play with. HE takes time to paint and even if is an elite army, takes time to paint 2000 points (I have unpainted the Island of Blood, 1 chariot, and 10 white lions). The thing is that I don't have enough minis to make a 2k HE army and I don't want to buy more minis until I paint the ones I already have, so when I faced the minimal WoC lists thread I thought that could be a nice idea to have some WoC army with a low model count so I can have it painted.

My idea was to have a competitive list with no more than 20 models (warhounds apart as I think they are really easy to paint) so I can have an army painted and ready to play (even if is always the same list more or less).

I came, with the help of MLP, to the following list of 15 models + 10 warhounds, tell me what you think about it:

Daemon Prince: Mark of Nurgle, Chaos Amor, Level 4, Daemonic Flight, Charmed Shield, Scaled Skin, Dragonbane gem, Soulfeeder - 485

BSB: Mark of Tzeentch, Daemonic Mount (barding), Chaos Armor, Hallberd, Talisman of preservation, Third eye of Tzeentch - 256

Chaos Chariot: Mark of Khorne. 120
Chaos Chariot: Mark of Khorne. 120
Chaos Chariot: Mark of Khorne. 120
Chaos Chariot: Mark of Khorne. 120
5 Chaos Warhounds 30
5 Chaos Warhounds 30

5 Chaos Knights: Mark of Khorne, Ensorcelled weapons, Full command 255

1 Hellcannon 210
3 Skullcrushers Ensorcelled Weapons, Skullhunter, standard bearer 254


Kindest regards!

01-08-2013, 11:25
Hi. What is MLP?.

Dont know how much input i can give, but here is my two cents.

With all that frenzy, you have to be really really carefull were your dp flies and were your bsb is. Your going to fail 1-2 with the bsb reroll each round and they will take flying off.

Frenzy is nice, but the downside, overunning, getting baited, means that the dice rolls and your opponent will sometimes make you tear your hair out.

For the chariots, frenzy gives 2 extra s5 attacks and 2 extra s4 attacks. But you already have 4 s5 and 2 s 4 attacks that i would A) Do mark of nurgle. Mark of nurgle chariots are though solid units. Or slannesh.

If your going with FC on the skullcrusher(i wouldent advise getting a banner on a unit of 3) then give them the gleaming pennant for passing frenzy checks if you dont have the bsb nearby.

Same goes for the 5 unit of knights. Really dont need FC on them eaither. Eaither strip both (crushers and knights) to musi only and use the extra points for mark of nurgle on the chariots and extra knight model.

I would, but this is how you feel like, drop the mark of khorne on everything and get mark of nurgle instead. This is MSU and not controlling your charges and getting a baited can be a very big deal.

With 3+ward and 2+ armour save on the bsb, i would drop the Halberd and get GW for those S7 attacks.

01-08-2013, 13:13
MLP is a forum user :)

Thanks, will take a look to your recommendations.