View Full Version : 2K high elf bow line

01-08-2013, 12:46
After being critiqued heavily, I've revised my 2k bow list army, I am wondering about dropping the handmaiden in favour of another noble, giving the other noble the standard and giving him razor standard. anyway here is the list

1 alith anar
1 archmage + book of hoeth (thinking lor of heavens?)
1 noble, bsb, halberd, dragonhelm, dragon armour, reaver bow
1handmaiden, shield of merwyrm, biting blade

5 reavers, bows (no spears)
20 archers, standard (houses noble)
20 archers, standard (houses archmage)

2 skycutters, bolt throwers

4 bolt throwers
15 sisters of avelorn, high sister (houses handmaiden)

all critiques welcome