View Full Version : Apoc Houserules?

raygunsand rocketeers
02-08-2013, 20:02
I was wondering about houserules for apoc.
Are there any fun non-tourney style house rules your club uses.
Specifically, things to speed up play.

And others as well….. like fluff driven rules as opposed to
non fluffy ‘use all yer collection’.

Or anything else ‘fun’


02-08-2013, 20:19
The only thing we do is give additional strategic assets players who are fighting against warhounds, reavers, revenants and phantom titans when they are armed with their Destroyer weapons, as they get them for far below the average cost of other Destroyer weapons in the game.

02-08-2013, 22:09
I've not yet had a chance to delve into the new apocalypse but our group has found the easiest way to speed up play time is to have a master of ceremonies who has a laptop with a big countdown timer display on it.
The MC announces the beginning of turn, the clock starts - Once it's down to zero the turn's over anything not done is left not done
This kind of deadline does wonders..
An imaginitive GM type might even find a way to reward a team that manages to finish their turns ahead of time.

Also operate a system where an absent player's team-mates take responsibilities for any rolls they are required to make during their absence.

If you have separate tables that represent specific areas of battlefield that are, perhaps, crucial but for whatever reasons are unavailable to certain unit types you can make for some different gameplay and split things up a bit. Guard infantry duelling it out for possession of a sewer system below a city. Perhaps an Inquisitor is attempting to rescue/liberate/abduct/steal something or someone whilst the world itself is torn to pieces (Fans of Eisenhorn will know how cool this scenario can be).

Even something like battling for possession of anti-aircraft batteries can bring a nuanced and potentially game altering twist to proceedings.

Generally we have a GM who doesn't play and decides what can and can't be done. Armies are usually restricted and sides are chosen well ahead of time. If one guy's word is law there is less rules discussion and more play.

Also when I am GM I penalise non-heroic play. "Gaming" the system might be acceptable at 1500 points, but at 15000 points you better be playing big.