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02-08-2013, 23:57
Lords: level 4 scorc, dagger and PoK ( lore of death or shadow haven't decided.) 320

heroes: CoB 225
peg master with full mundane CoH, dawnstone, and lance 189

core: 2x5 DR with muso 234
18 Xbowmen with muso 185
39 spearmen, FC, and banner of discipline. 303

other: 5 harpies 55

special: 10 CoK, FC. hag banner, and RoH 370

20 black guard, FC, flaming banner, AoD 335

6 shades,AHW, and leather armor. 108

Rare: hydra: 175.

this list a no restrictions build and I am looking to make this list a bit more competitive without the need for dual hydras and copious amounts of cheese. so comments and criticism is more than welcome. my meta mostly consists of skaven and armies with a good number of frenzy, so I am usually required to take a lot of re-directors and chaff.

Dirty Mac
03-08-2013, 08:42
I hate to be that guy that Re-Writes your list, But I thought I would add a bit more kick to your list.

But I will give you the reasons behind my choices.

2500 Pts - Dark Elves Roster

High Sorceress
1 Supreme Sorceress, 310 pts Lvl 4
1 Sacrificial Dagger
1 Pearl of infinite Bleakeness

20 Dark Elf Warriors, 170 pts Shields FC
1 Banner of Swiftness

SO this will be your bunker, I run my lvl 4 basically naked, yeah it's probably not the best idea, But in all my games she either lives or I lose her to a miscast.
I can't remember the last time I lost her in combat. The pearl is there to stop taking panic tests from stabbing all your guys, or from losing too many guys on your first miscast.
Banner of swiftness gets you in to nice range quickly and help to get away from the Ring of Hotek. Take the lore of Shadow.

Corsairs (28#, 320 pts)
28 Black Ark Corsairs, 320 pts (Slaver; Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Extra Hand Weapon;
Sea Serpent Standard,

This unit will replace the other half of your warrior unit that i took away, Reason being your bunker needs to stay away from combat, and you need another combat unit, they have a 4+ against shooting.
they can be re-directed, but they can be screened by harpies if needed.

Repeater Crossbowmen
18 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen, 213 pts (Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Shield.

Sorceress (1#, 185 pts)
1 Sorceress, 185 pts (Druchii Sorcery; Level 2
1 Dispel Scroll
1 Guiding Eye
Lore of fire.

Crossbow men here will be your 2nd Bunker, you needed and 2nd wizard, your list had no dispel scroll, and Fire is an awesome lore.
Fireball is a guaranteed spell, and will draw dispel dice. also if you manage to get Flaming sword of Rhuin it would be awesome for these guys.
Guiding eye is a great item and I always take it. Shadow is a support lore and lacks damage, Fire is a great match for it.

Black Guard (20#, 306 pts)
20 Black Guard, 306 pts Musician Mus; Standard Bearer
1 Banner of Murder.

Banner of murder is better here, S4 AP will server you better in the long run.

10 Shades, 170 pts Extra Hand Weapon;

Shades are great, drop them behind enemy lines and harass the back ranks. if you keep them out of forward arcs they can be really annoying.

Harpy Coven
5 Harpies

Harpies explain themselves.

Cold One Knights
10 Cold One Knights, 370 pts FC
Ring of Hotek
Banner of Hag Graef (Always Strike First)

You already know about Cold Ones, and you run them like I do.
Just make sure you don't march block yourself and keep the RoH near your casters.

Hag Queen (4#, 225 pts)
1 Death Hag (Battle Standard Bearer), 225 pts CoB

Yay the Cauldron of Blood, we all know what it does.

War Hydra

And the Hydra, also explains itself.

Total Roster Cost: 2499

Flaming banner on the BG, I guess you were looking for a way to stop regen, it is up to you if you want flaming on them, But I get my flaming attacks from Fire Balls, Hydra breath attack, and Flaming crossbows, if I have the Flaming sword of Rhuin.
Have a look over that list and see if you like it or not.

04-08-2013, 03:24
I really like the list you suggested, but I have a few comments. I never really had good experiences with corsairs, i know they are really good with a shadow scorc. i guess i could give them a second look. one thing i am really scared of is the lack of redirection. the person i play most against is a skaven player and he has been fielding a lot of plague monks censer bearers and rat ogres, and it really hurts to have them slam into you from the lack of redirection. other than that i really like this list, and i would use it on any of my other opponents which are VC ( played by someone who puts too much hope into statistics) and a bret player.

04-08-2013, 03:45
one of the reasons I had the dark riders and the small unit of shades was for running the monks and the orges out of position and the shades were on cannon clean-up duty.

Dirty Mac
04-08-2013, 08:49
If you drop 2 shades, 1 warrior, and 7 corsairs, it will free up enough points to add another 2 units of harpies. I always use units of 10 shades, and they shoot things like crazy, Granted I haven't played against skaven, but it looks like Pit of Shades will be your friend here. The redirection game should be better with 3 units of harpies now, Do your shades do well when you use them?

06-08-2013, 00:32
I tend to have ok luck with shades but i only really like to run them in groups of 6, unless i am doing shade-star. to be completely honest i have had terrible luck with corsairs, they only really function in my meta with mindrazor. because of all of the big blocks of skaven. for less pts i could get a huge block of 40 spear men with a flame banner, instead of the corsairs. the harpies as re-directors are a little unreliable with LD6 it would be a bit of a pain to get them back into the game as my screeners. i love them for their low pts cost but when i need to bait and flee I really need the reliability of the dark riders so I can keep it up.

06-08-2013, 01:21
but all in all, by the time i get enough time to play actual games the new book will be out and my list will be rendered moot.