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02-06-2006, 13:38
Hi guys

Well, you heard it right, Im going to take the plunge and buy a small army. Basically I want to do an evil army, which is either going to be all easterlings, all uruk hai or all harad.

What I want to know is this:

a: What size armies to people usually collect. Im thinking 1000pts should be about right to start with.
b: What should go into an easterling, uruk hai or harad army?
c: What ratio of characters to grunts do I want? is around 20% about right?

02-06-2006, 21:45
The usual tournament size of game is 500 or 600 points. Remember that there are also figure number limits too. usually for this points scale of game, it is 50 figures, with 33% of those armed with bows/crossbows.

I am very partial to the Harad. They are easy to get a 50 figure force, have lance cavalry, and poison shots. On the down side, they don't know the word "armour".

My tournament list for my harad goes something like this:
King on horse with lance
Chieftain on horse with lance
Chieftain on foot with spear
Chieftain on foot with spear
Chieftain on foot with spear
5 Raiders with lances
1 Raider with lance and bow
24 Warriors with spears
15 Warriors with spears and bows.

It comes to just under 600 points, and has 50 figures. It is full of might, and can be really efficient. Assuming that my dice cooperate...

I have no experience with Uruks, I'm afraid. And easterlings are a force that I am starting to think about myself, so I have a good number of impulses that have not been cooked down yet into anything figure-wise.

Irrespective of what you chose, good choice!

Apple Dave
02-06-2006, 21:58
Too be honest i think you have mad a good first choice of choosing evil over good. Congrats. Now despite the fact that im a bit on the ***** side at offering advice i will try to aid your decision in the collection of your minions.

1. Most tournament rules specify around 500pts per army, but if you dont they arent your thing then about 1000pts is classed as quite a large battle for me 1500pts is the limit on a game. As for total amount of points i have aorund 2k of Evil and about 1k of Good (approx), mainly because it then gives me the flexibilty to pick 'n' mix my force depending on the opponent, his force and the terrain.

2. Im more into my Isenguard rather than the other 2 main Evil choices so i will break this down in to 3 sections.

Obvious choices of hero will be Saruman, Lurtz, Ugluk (if you can get him) and that Warg rider Captain. In the way of troops try to go for about 2:1 pikes to swords (personal preference here, please dont flame me, i burn easily) add a banner, probably about 2 captains depending on which and how many heros you have this number will change (for me it does). Most Isenguard players i have spoken to steer away from the scouts and bowmen because they arent really that good, but if you use them correctly Crossbowmen are quite effective (S4). Warg Riders used effectivly (and kept away from Ugluk) are a good choice to either hit and run flanks or just generally smash into other units. Bear in mind their lack of armour so they are vulnerable to most things.

I dont know much about these but an effective combination, and one that always kicks my ass regularly, is a Mumak, 12 raiders (split into two groups one on either flank led by Saladin (sp?) and a captain) and the rest spent on spearmen.

Again i dont really know much about these guys but a mixed Infantry Cavalry force seems effective. Khamul is a good choice of hero, ive checked some of his stats and being one of the Nazgul you know he can pretty much kick ass. Phalanx formations mean that the halberds they use can support 2 people effectivly turning a a 1A guy into a 3A guy. Good stuff.

3. I failed maths GCSE level so i leave ratios out of my troop choices and just take the coolest one :D, stupid idea i know but its just not an Uruk army without Lurtz god damn it. I think, depending on force size lets say 25 models, i would take at least Lurtz and 2 captains.

So theres my jargon for you, if you can understand it good on ya. One other thing to bear in mind is that im using the old rule book till my new one arrives so most of that might be n/a. I also dont have a real need for magic which is why i havent mentioned anything about the finer points of the game (Might, will and fate) i prefer the Banzai tactic for all army's.

03-06-2006, 12:54
I've found that games over 1000pts take to long to play with only one player unless both sides have a large number of heroes.
By my reckoning, 250pts gives you a starter force, 500pts gives you an army, 750pts gives you practically everything you could need for any particular engagement.

Isenguard: The most common tactic with these guys is to take one big phalanx and support its flanks with warg riders, bear in mind that the units are being rereleased soon, with the addition of an Isenguard troll.

Haradrim: You can play all cavalry, cavalry and infantry, or any of those with a mumak. It's also possible to take two mumaks as an army in about 600-700pts. I would not recommend going entirely infantry as the low armour is a real problem in such a force.
The main uses are long infantry lines of archers and spears filling the skies with arrows with raiders held in support. The mumak will just charge into the biggest concentration of enemy troops. It can do tremendous damage but can be unpredictable.

Easterlings: Same as Uruk-Hai, large phalanx with cavalry support. The infantry is marginally weaker, but the cavalry is a bit harder. Another good way of doing things is to ally these guys with haradrim, I find that the two complement each other quite nicely.

I won't suggest which heroes to take as I find that this mostly comes down to personal preference. You will need at least one strong hero with other less powerful heroes or a large number of 'weaker' heroes.

Might points, when used wisely, win the day.

03-06-2006, 13:41
With a Harad force of 500 or more points, you will be VERY hard pushed to make an all infantry army and not breach the max figures limit.

When it comes to the Mumak, I have one, but I very rarely use it. It's just not reliable enough, and people tend to get out of the way too simply. Either that, or they hide in cover and I can't get to them. Personally, I think the Mumak is over rated.

03-06-2006, 15:29
Woah, hold up a second, theres a max figures limit?

which idiot came up with that?

03-06-2006, 15:37
It's recommended (and very widely used) in points match games, and some scenarios.

It's worth it. Really.

03-06-2006, 16:56
The model limit makes sense. Before I knew about it I took 65 goblins to a civil war tournament. I eliminated my opponent's troll chieften by sending 1-2 goblin archers into it a turn.
That sounds bad but I heard someone took a 500pt goblin force with two shamens the rest goblins. How can you realistically hack through that in the time limit.

On the Mumak, I think they're ok for what they do, I just don't think they can cut it tournament wise. They are really fun for theme games though.

04-06-2006, 05:00
I just started LOTR myself and I am really enjoying it!

Here is what I did before starting:
1) Went to local GW and talked to the staff about it.
2) Posted some questions on Warseer.
3) Read through the BIG rulebook and some suppliments at my local GW store.
4) Watched the movies.
5) Browsed the GW web-site.

One you have done the above you will have a good idea of
1) The army which has models you like
2) The background you like
3) The style of play you like

Yeah 500 point matches work best. I actually heard a rumour that GW is releasing a suppliment which will enable players to field 1500+ armies using units and the like.

04-06-2006, 06:44
The difference between 500 and 600 points is very subtle.

At 500 points, an Evil army has the potential to hit the figure limit, wilst the good army will not.
At 600 points, a good army has the potential to hit the figure limit, or at least include a big character. The evil army just reinforces.

600 is what is used at GTs in the UK, by the way.

04-06-2006, 11:03
I've heard on this site that legions of middle earth is a guide to theming armies.
I've heard from a staff member at my local GW that it is a way of playing LOTR at a 1000pt + level.

In regard to the Grand tournament, is it better to take the max limit or as near as you can get every time, or do smaller elite forces, say around 25-30, perhaps all cavalry stand a chance.

Chaplin Davius
07-06-2006, 09:36
Woah, hold up a second, theres a max figures limit?

which idiot came up with that?

If you really don't like the fact that in a 500pts game you can only have 50 models then thats fine, but when you come up against the hobbit army with 43 archers and a total of 130 models you will like the rule!!!!!!!

Later Days

09-06-2006, 19:14
I've never heard about the rule with 50 models in an army list of 500 pts. But If I was you I would have chosen Isengard but first with 500 pts. This is an example.

Lurtz (65 pts)
1 Captain (55 pts)
20 Uruk-hai warriors (220 pts)
6 Uruk-hai Berserker (90 pts)
5 Uruk-hai Crossbows (65 pts)

Totaly pts: 495 pts

Then you can just buy more uruks and explore the world of Isengard. It doesen't matter if you have 5 or less pts than you need.

09-06-2006, 19:15
Bah, Gobblins ftw! They can have quite a few models in 500 pts.

Anyways, to the original poster, Uruk hai can be ver competitive, and, seeing as there will be a lot of releases for them now, I's suggest first of all picking a theme, either a scout army, a battlefield army or a siege army, once that is done, start choosing your units.

For a Scout Army, Lurtz, a Captain and an Orc Captain on a Warg/Sharku is reckomended, you'll then need some decent footsloggers, and, with the new plastic Uruk-scouts comming out, a larger group of them would suit you fine, arround 20 to 30 in games of 400 pts, throw in a box or two of Warg Riders and you'll have yourself a nice and competitive 500 pts list able to dish out some hurt.

For a battlefield army, three to four Uruk Hai captains, an Orc Captain on Warg and then a handfull of boxes of Uruk Hai (two should be good, three if you want a nice and big horde, don't go overboard though, my friend Notna_Highborn did just that and our total Uruk force now spanns over 120 models). Throw in a pack of Warg Riders, two or three blisters of Berserkers and three or four blisters of Uruk Hai Crossbows and you should now have arround 800 pts of Fighting Uruk Hai.

For Siege games, the Catapult and Demolition charge works wonders, however, Wargs don't, simple as that, take an infantry based army with loads of Shield armed Uruk Hai for climbing the ladders and a big block of pikes for charging through breaches or the gate (decide beforehand, since they aren't exactly fast).

Good luck with the game of Lord of the Rings.

The board is set, the pieces are moving, so we come to it at last, the great battle of our time.

BTW: Notna, once aggain you forgot to include the pts costs for Shields and Pikes on the Uruk Hai warriors, and I must say, my gobblins fed well last time you did that on your elves :evilgrin:

09-06-2006, 19:37
Even if I did forgett the uppgrades as I don't think I didn't and you can only remove like 2 berserkers and then it is settled.

10-06-2006, 05:59
Actually, even a single Berserker would be enough, seeing as you're five points under the limit