View Full Version : 1500pts Competitive High Elves "Return of Jeff the Archmage"

03-08-2013, 15:36

I'm Elhier, roughly 4 years ago I played as wood elves and had a fairly decent amount of success with an all forest spirits themed army. However going to uni and having to work more hours resulted in me having to take a hiatus from the hobby, I am however back and looking forward to getting competitive with my side project that never really happened; Jeff the Archmage.

The central premise for my army is simple: a super fast core will harass and redirect the opponent allowing MSU's of elite hard fitting infantry and cavalry to break some face. From playing with the twig elves i know that being able to play in every phase of the battle is important to force board control to be in your hands. To this end my Archmage will provide a good magic phase and 2 units of sisters shouls allow me to threaten small u its and those pesky regeneration units in the shooting phase.

LORDS; Archmage, lvl 4, BoH, lore of beasts 265 CORE: 3X5 Reavers, musician 270 5 Reavers, musician, 5 bows 105 SPECIAL: 2X7 Sword Masters 182 5 Dragon Princes, full command, star lance 205 15 Phoenix Guard, full command, razor standard 300 RARE: 2X5 Sisters of Avelorn 140

Total: 1467

All of this leaves me with 33 points to spend, white what on I'm not sure though, it could buy a few champions or a magic item or 2 for Jeff.

As you can see the core is all fast cav to get in the enemy's face, the PG are the closest thing my army has to an anvil and is ment to act as the big unit that most opponents expect to see and will want to aim at. This allows my other units to envelop and exploits holes in the opponents formation.

Any and all thoughts are welcome, I want this list to be competitive so don't worry about being harsh!!