View Full Version : 2500p Tomb Kings horde!

03-08-2013, 16:45
Here is my 2500p combat horde TK


Lv.4 Liche High Priest (Nehekhara)
- Earthing rod


Lv.2 Liche Priest (Light)
- Dispell Scroll

Tomb Prince (General)
-Dragonbane Gem
-Ironcure icon

Tomb Prince

Tomb Prince


59 Skeleton Warriors

59 Skeleton Warriors

11 Skeleton Archers

11 Skeleton Archers


39 Tomb Guard
- Banner of Swiftness

1 Warsphinx

3 Carrions

3 Carrions


Casket of Souls


2499p Total and 200 models

Naked princes go with the warriors and the general with Tomb guards, Each priest with the archers.

Any thoughs and comments ?

Spiney Norman
04-08-2013, 17:56
The only concern I would have with this list is you only have a few units that can kill stuff (Tomb Guard, warsphinx and Titan if you're desperate).

Warrior hordes are great but they are only there to hold things up, S3 never hurt anyone.

14-08-2013, 10:18
You're pretty much gambling on definitely getting Smiting and Killing Blow off I presume?

Skeleton blocks are not bad at winning combat if they are in a sensible formation with WS5 (Prince), A2(Smiting), KB. But in your list they are going to have to face other peoples elite units....they'll probably suffer horrific casualties that you'll struggle to claw back.

PS If you're going for this type of list and think it will work, then you may as well swap the TG for more skeleton warriors (not that I think it will help!). They are better per point (40 TG = 120 warriors iirc?). My 30+ TG are collecting dust even though I love them :cries: